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Manifest Journals:

The Intuitive Interface to US Customs Data
for Freight Forwarders and Transport Providers

Expressly designed for logistics and transport market research

MJ interface menu unlabeledStart your research of our US Customs data with a name, a location, a cargo description … and quickly assemble just the information you need to map your competitive landscape and pinpoint your business opportunities.

Product features are built to yield actionable intelligence for the sales, marketing, and strategic planning applications of freight forwarders, logistics services, transport, warehouse and distribution companies.

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Manifest Journals Volume Breakdown Reports

    Importers’ total volumes in TEUs can be broken down by:

  • Country of Origin
  • Foreign port / US port of lading
  • Forwarder / NVOCC
  • Ship Line


Freight forwarders can develop sales pipelines or profile existing accounts with answers to such questions as:

  • What’s an importer’s total lift or volume?
  • What trade lanes are an importer’s cargos moving in?
  • How are the cargos routed?
  • Did the importer book the cargos directly with the steamship lines … or through forwarders?
  • For bookings handled by forwarders, what steamship lines did the cargo move on?

Know – before you make your sales call – who you are competing against, at what levels of service, in each trade lane with our VOLUME BREAKDOWNS.

Volume Breakdown Report Samples

Volume Breakdowns 1
Illinois Consignees with 50-500 Teus from China

Volume Breakdowns 2
Consignee Teus by Ports, Carrier, Ship Line

Manifest Journals Multiple Location Reports

Importers’ volumes across any selection of — or all — destinations can be included in a single report.


More often than not, forwarders run reports limited to activities within the territories that surround their freight stations. Our Multiple Location feature makes it easy to get the complete picture of all an importer’s activities … so you don’t lose sight of emerging opportunities within your own customer base.

For instance, a forwarder may be handling Importer A’s 150-TEU annual volume into their Chicago facility – completely unaware that Importer A also has 500 TEUs going to their Miami facility.

This happens more often than you might think – with our Multiple Location report it needn’t happen to you.

Multiple Location Report Samples

Multiple Location 1
Consignee’s Florida Volumes

Multiple Location 2
Consignee’s Multi-State Volumes

Manifest Journals Full Container – LCL Shipment Reports

We apply our algorithm in examining each container recorded on each bill of lading to distinguish between full containers, LCLs (less than container load) and vendor consolidations.


The Automated Manifest System (AMS) doesn’t draw a distinction between full and less than full container loads. But freight forwarders know the difference.

Of small interest to shipping lines, LCL shipments can be a major source of revenues for forwarders. With custom brokerage, in/out fees for warehousing and margins on trucking, LCL business can widen the profit per file beyond the gross margin on freight rates. Our FCL-LCL Shipment Reports identify these business opportunities.

FCL-LCL Report Samples

LCL Consignees Lead List

Weekly: All LCL Consolidations by Trade Lane

Drill Down To Trade Lane Shippers/Consignees

Manifest Journals Master / House Bill Side-by-Side

Master and House Bills can be displayed side-by-side so you can simultaneously search both for shared details – keys to tracing relationships.


This is an essential tool to monitor competitive activity.

Forwarders’ arrangements for importers’ shipments can be complex and involve multiple service providers. A forwarder might opt not to use its own service contract as an NVOCC — choosing instead a master co-loader’s service for a steamship line. Or, perhaps the forwarder’s origin agent is using its service contract. Under these circumstances, the forwarder’s SCAC won’t be on the house bill … but it will be on the master bill.

With the ability to examine both house and master bills, it’s easy to spot these multi-service arrangements – and keep track of your competitors.

Master / House Bill Samples

Master / House Bills 1
Single Query For Both Bills

Master / House Bills 2
House Bills With Master Bill Consignees

Master / House Bills 3
Each Master Bill Shipper/Consignee Pair Associated With Each House Bill


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