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Know What They’re Buying and Selling around the World: Asia’s Top 4 Economies – China, India, Japan, South Korea – and the Fastest-Growing US Trade Corridor, Vietnam

Datamyne Asia Import-Export Data is essential global market intelligence for US importing and exporting businesses. The Asian countries Datamyne covers – China, India, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam – already account for more than a quarter of US trade.

These are the countries projected to dominate US export trade through 2030, with China (poised to become the second largest market for US products), India and Vietnam setting the pace for growth in US overseas markets.

As production hubs and sources of supply, these countries ship more than a third of US imports. Asia’s four largest economies rank among the top 10 countries of origin for US inbound trade – while China and Vietnam top the list of the world’s fastest-growing sources for US imports.

Gathered from trade ministries, customs agencies, and other authoritative sources, Datamyne’s Asia trade data is highly reliable, very detailed and the latest available from any source.

Use Datamyne Asia trade data to uncover market opportunities and manage global business operations:

  • Evaluate supply/demand for your products in key Asian markets.
  • Identify prospective customers, business partners and investors.
  • Locate and pre-qualify contract manufacturers, suppliers, distributors.
  • Mitigate supply chain risks with data-driven strategies to diversify sources, optimize logistics and plan for disruptions.
  • Identify your competitors, gauge and monitor their market activities.
  • Detect and document diverted shipments, dumping, patterns indicating counterfeiting, and other illicit trade.
  • Ground your strategies for sales and marketing, growth and investment in current, real-world commercial data you can trust.

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China trade data sample

China Import-Export Trade Data

(Government Census and partner-sourced customs declaration data)

Datamyne delivers web-based access to China’s import and export trade data sourced from government Census records. Details include HS codes, product descriptions, values, trading partner countries, and more.

Looking for the details of Chinese companies engaged in trade? Datamyne is pleased to offer trade data reports sourced from a trusted partner that details the buyers, sellers and their activities in China’s cross-border commerce.
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India trade data sample

India Import-Export Trade Data

(Customs declarations data)

Datamyne provides access, search and analysis of a range of India import and export data drawn from Customs declarations (Data is available through October, 2016).

Interested in learning about in India trade activity?
Datamyne offers trade data that identifies buy- and sell-side of Indian import-export trade. These reports contain a wealth of detailed trade information. Contact us to learn what fields are included with India trade data and what market intelligence you can gather with access.
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Japan trade data sample

Japan Import-Export Trade Data

(Government Census data)

Datamyne’s web-based product is the entrée to current and historical (from 2004) government-sourced data on Japan’s import-export trade. Data fields include HS codes, descriptions, quantities, declared values, shipment origins and destinations.
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Korean trade data sample

South Korea Import-Export Trade Data

(Government Census data)

Datamyne data on South Korea import-export trade (from 2012 on) is based on government statistical records. Data fields include HS codes, descriptions, quantities, declared values, shipment origins and destinations.
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Vietnam trade data sample

Vietnam Import-Export Trade Data

(Partner-sourced company data)

Datamyne is pleased to offer partner-sourced trade data on the companies on both sides of Vietnam’s fast growing import-export trade. Details include the names of the companies party to the trade, merchandise HS codes, descriptions, unit prices, total value of shipments (US$), origins and destinations, plus logistics details.
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asia trade country icons passport

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Select all the Asia market data your business needs … Datamyne offers specially priced access passports when you select online or partner-sourced data for two or more countries.

Contact us for a quote of the economical passport to gain access to your choice of data covering Asia’s trade leaders.

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