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Category Archive: Imports

US Tariffs on Chinese Steel Near 500%

Category: Imports, Trade Policy

US tariffs on Chinese steel imports could near 500% with the Commerce Department International Trade Administration’s preliminary decision to slap anti-dumping duties of 256% on corrosion-resistant steel – this  on top of countervailing duties of 236% imposed in November to offset Chinese government subsidies of its steel producers. The…

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On the Way: Fresh Grapes Imported from Chile

Category: Imports

’Tis the season for (no, not Santa, that’s next week) … fresh grapes imported from Chile! As the Northern Hemisphere swings into winter, shipments of fruit from the Southern Hemisphere ramp up. Leader of the pack, the first Chilean table grapes have shipped, reports Fresh Fruit Portal. From the winter…

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A New HS Code for Tesla (and Other EV Makers)

Category: Imports, Indicators

Yet another sign that electric cars are catching on: A new 10-digit Harmonized Tariff System code has been established for the lithium-ion batteries used to power electrical vehicles: HS 8507.60.0010. Until now, the HS codes did not distinguish between EV batteries and Li-Ion batteries used in consumer electronic devices…

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Steelmakers Pushback against Low Price Imports

Category: Imports, Trade Policy

A trade complaint concerning hot-rolled steel filed with the Department of Commerce and US Trade Commission Tuesday is the latest move in a US steelmakers pushback against low price imports that “have been flooding our shores, substantially reducing selling prices, shipment volumes, and earnings,” says James L. Wainscott, Chairman, President and CEO…

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J.Crew Brought Low by a Cropped Sweater

Category: Imports, Indicators

Tossing aside the Head of Women’s Design for the J.Crew brand and trimming 175 from the payroll, the J.Crew Group last week announced alterations aimed at “critical improvements to our J.Crew women’s assortment including fit, design aesthetic and styling.” As Business Insider reported here and here, J.Crew’s…

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US Imported Beer Up

Category: Imports, Trade Data

It may have been National Beer Day, but many here in the States yesterday hoisted a bottle of brew from Mexico, just south of the border but far and away the top source for US imported beer. Total US beer imports were up 11.7% by value, and 6.9% by volume,…

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Can Entrepreneur Barbie Rev up Sales for Mattel?

With 150 careers under her (very tiny) belt, Barbie is becoming an entrepreneur. Outfitted with a business-savvy wardrobe and accessories, Entrepreneur Barbie is making a bid for relevance in a market whose consumers keep getting older younger and abandoning their dolls for digital devices. But can Entrepreneur Barbie reverse the…

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