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Category Archive: Markets

China Looks for LATAM Lift

Category: Indicators, Markets

“Latin America offers way out of demand doldrums: Official”  – China Daily China Daily’s Santiago correspondent reports that the Chinese ambassador to Chile, Yang Wanming, sees LATAM as a global region of opportunity as weakness in the world’s mature markets persists. “Latin America is now a strategically important market for…

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Werker on US-Colombia FTA: Part 2

Category: Exports, Markets

Cameron Werker and Bill Armbruster assess remaining obstacles for exporters Datamyne blog anchor Bill Armbruster conducted an extensive e-mail interview in January regarding the new US-Colombia free trade agreement with Cameron Werker, senior commercial officer with the US Embassy in Colombia. In Part 1, they discussed

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Werker on US-Colombia FTA: Part 1

Category: Exports, Markets

US senior commercial officer surveys prospects & resources for US companies Datamyne blog anchor Bill Armbruster conducted an extensive e-mail interview recently regarding the new US-Colombia free trade agreement with Cameron Werker, senior commercial officer with the US Embassy in Colombia. In this first installment, they discuss prospects and resources for…

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Window of Opportunity

Category: Markets, Trade Policy

Colombia FTA gives competitive advantage to US exporters (but not for long) by Bill Armbruster, blog anchor The US free trade agreement with Colombia significantly expands opportunities for US exporters in South America’s third largest economy. The deal, which took effect on May 15, 2012, immediately eliminated tariffs on 80% of US…

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Top Searches 2012: Turkey

Category: Markets, Trade Data

The most often-sought country topped rankings 9 out of 12 months last year Each month, Datamyne shares the top 10 most-frequently used “country,” “product,” and “company” names in searches of its US import database in the preceding month. Right now, you can find December’s top searches on our home…

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2013: International Year of Quinoa

Category: Imports, Markets

The Columbian exchange continues with “a future sown thousands of years ago” What better way to start the new year than with a forward-looking celebration of an historical legacy? The UN General Assembly has declared 2013 as the…

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Asian Oenophile

Category: Markets

Singapore-bound Wine Advocate embraces an Asian market that has come of age The Wall Street Journal reports that wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr. will be ending the print version of his newsletter, the Wine Advocate and stepping down as editor-in-chief. Stepping up to replace him will be the newsletter’s…

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Mexico’s Exports Fuel GDP

Category: Markets

With growth outpacing Brazil, no change in Mexican economic policy forecast The New York Times took sidebar note of Mexico’s fast-growing economy during its coverage of June’s Group of 20 meeting. Mexico’s economy grew faster than Brazil’s last year and it is on pace to beat its Latin American rival…

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Uruguay’s Rising Star

Category: Markets

S&P restores Uruguay to investment grade, while Fitch boosts outlook to positive After raising its sovereign credit rating on Uruguay to BBB-/A-3 from BB+/B1 on April 3, S&P followed up with the same  boost to Citibank Uruguay’s global scale counterparty credit rating, and an affirmation of the national scale counterparty credit…

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Not So Invisible Hand Stirs Ethanol

Category: Markets

Government policies shape biofuels markets Sometime around the middle of last year, the US surged ahead of Brazil to become the world’s highest-volume exporter of ethanol. According to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), the US boosted its exports of ethanol to an average of nearly 78,000 barrels per…

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