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Category Archive: Markets

Trade Beef

US cattleman urges action on FTAs as competitors vie for overseas markets The US agricultural sector pressed its case for ratification of pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea before the US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture May 12. US Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Dept. of…

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Top Pick: Chilean Fresh Grapes

Category: Imports, Markets, Trade Data

New report from Datamyne covers players, trends in a  leading US-Chile trade sector The Chilean Fresh Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) is projecting growth in exports for the 2010-11 season: from a 2% increase in apples to a 40% boost for kiwifruit, to a whopping 71% jump in cherry exports. According to…

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Selling Med Equipment in Brazil

Category: Exports, Markets, Resources

How to break into South America’s biggest market   The US Commercial Service is offering a webinar on the Brazilian market for medical equipment that will survey the overall opportunity and best prospects for US exporters as well as the details of registering products, navigating the regulatory approval process, and…

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Who’s Open for Business?

Category: Markets, Resources

World Bank’s annual report is a treasure trove of free information by Bill Armbruster, blog anchor Want to know how many documents it takes to ship a container to China? Or the cost of export compliance in Brazil? Then check out the World Bank’s annual Doing Business Report. It’s by…

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Japan Food Alert

Governments issue orders to test or suspend imports As Japan reports radioactive contamination of plant and animal foodstocks in the prefectures nearest the still-to-be-contained nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, countries around the world are moving to block Japanese food imports. The US was among the first, issuing  FDA IMPORT ALERT…

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Japan Aftermath

Category: Imports, Markets, Trade Data

The disaster reminds us of shared vulnerabilities and a need to know what’s going on The world’s third largest economy has been devastated by catastrophe upon catastrophe. Clearly, the repercussions in the global marketplace will be far-reaching, long-lasting and profound. Hard to know what to do next. Send help, of course…

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Weed Killer App

Glyphosate, the world’s herbicide of choice, may be a victim of its popularity While debate continues over the pros and cons of planting sugar beets genetically modified to be “Roundup Ready” , it appears that nature has done some re-engineering of…

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PanaMAX (or mini) Prospects?

Category: Markets, Transport

A bigger canal still faces competition from the Suez, rail by Bill Armbruster, blog anchor The Panama Canal will become a more viable option for trade between Asia and the eastern U.S. after the waterway’s expansion is completed in 2014, but I question whether it will see much additional cargo movement. As…

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Talking Trade with Colombia

Gauging the odds on an FTA, counting lost-opportunity costs In February, the Obama administration pledged to “intensify” talks with Colombia on the free trade agreement  initially negotiated by the US in 2006. Now Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana), who is leading a trade mission to Bogota, is projecting confidence that the…

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