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Category Archive: Markets

Talking Trade with Colombia

Gauging the odds on an FTA, counting lost-opportunity costs In February, the Obama administration pledged to “intensify” talks with Colombia on the free trade agreement  initially negotiated by the US in 2006. Now Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana), who is leading a trade mission to Bogota, is projecting confidence that the…

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The Latin American Decade

LATAM may be on course for growth, but diversification is needed Writing in the Miami Herald earlier this month, Andres Oppenheimer asks whether 2011 will be the dawn of the “Latin American decade” – as a recent Standard & Poor’s webcast argues [you can access a replay of the…

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Biofueled Ag Trade

USDA 10-year agricultural projections concede major role to ethanol and biodiesel The US Department of Agriculture just released its long-term forecast for the farm sector. USDA Agricultural Projections for 2011-20 cover sector indicators, commodities,  and trade. Key projections include some near-term retreat from current prices, but a long-term trend…

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From the Dregs, Export Success

Category: Exports, Markets, Trade Data

Biofuel byproduct goes to market as a livestock feed Blogging about the first the U.S. Agribusiness Trade and Investment Mission to Peru and Ecuador earlier this month, Michael Scuse of the U.S. Department of Agriculture tells of visiting a Peruvian feed mill and dairy farm where “I saw the…

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AmericasBarometer 2010

Category: Markets, Trade Policy

Taking the measure of democratic values and the impact of the downturn The Americas Society/Council on the Americas (AS/COA) is hosting a discussion about the findings of the 2010 AmericasBarometer Survey, in New York City tomorrow morning from 8:30 am to 10:00 am (ET), with a free webcast of the…

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On the Trail of Aid to Haiti

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Miami Herald cites Datamyne stats on charitable goods that got only so far “At Haitian port, desperately needed aid sits and sits and sits …” headlines a Miami Herald investigation into why so much aid has reached so few in a country as beleaguered by bureaucratic inefficiency and official corruption…

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Latin American HVAC/R Looks Hot

Category: Exports, Markets, Trade Data

ACR Latino America cites Datamyne in optimistic outlook on compressor exports It is no secret that much of the economic performance of Latin American countries depends on the performance of its major trading partners, which tend to be the developed economies, led by the U.S., writes Santiago Jaramillo in ACR…

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Certifiably Sustainable Seafood

Category: Imports, Markets, Resources

WWF’s Aquaculture Dialogues yield standards for farming tilapia and pangasius Just before Christmas, the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) released news that tilapia farmed in Indonesia and Honduras will be placed in a brand-new category within its seafood guide: “moving towards certification.” That’s good news for Indonesian and Honduran fish farmers…

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Colombia-Venezuela Thaw Continues

But unfreezing trade will take time We’ve written before on the diplomatic tit-for-tat that virtually shut down commerce between Colombia and Venezuela. After the erstwhile trading partners called it quits in July 2009, binational trade fell by more than 60%. One year later, newly elected Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos…

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