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Category Archive: Trade Policy

An Earth Day Story

Category: Trade Policy

The HS gets in the way of spreading environmental goods What’s the difference between a pipe used in treating wastewater and a pipe that transports oil? A hotplate and a solar cooker? A refrigerator that’s energy-efficient versus an energy hog? In the Harmonized Commodity Coding and Description System (HS) —…

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Clock Stops on Countdown to Tariffs

Category: Markets, Trade Policy

Brazil, U.S. reach agreement in 11th-hour talks Brazil’s threat to impose stiff tariffs on a range of U.S. products and commodities as of April 7 has been withdrawn thanks to negotiations that began April 1 and concluded with an agreement announced April 6. The tariffs were to be in retaliation…

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Plastic Bag Tug of War

Category: Imports, Trade Policy

First-ever countervailing duty to be imposed on Vietnam The Department of Commerce has issued final determinations of anti-dumping duties to be imposed on plastic grocery bags made in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Polyethylene retail carrier bags — or PRCBs — have been the source of trade disputes between U.S. domestic producers…

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Global Bounce Back

WTO forecasts 9.5% growth in trade volumes The World Trade Organization (WTO) projects a rebound in world trade in 2010, recovering some, but by no means all, ground lost in 2009, when global trade volumes contracted 12.2% — the largest decline since World War II. If growth keeps to the…

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Brazil's Countdown Continues

Category: Markets, Trade Policy

Scope of threat broadens Brazil has broadened the scope of threatened retaliation to include 21 new items, including pharmaceuticals, music and movies (, which would be subject to not only tariffs but also suspension of patents and intellectual property (IP) rights ( Without concessions from the U.S., the…

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Brazil’s Retaliatory Tariffs

After 8 years, 30 days to sanctions With the approval of the World Trade Organization, Brazil is set to impose tariffs on a range of U.S. products and commodities in retaliation for U.S. government subsidies to American cotton growers. The trade dispute started in 2002 when Brazil went to…

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Engine for growth

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

Betting that more exports = more jobs The Obama administration’s National Export Initiative (NEI) aims to double U.S. exports over the next five years by expanding government promotion efforts. The ultimate goal is job creation. As the Economic Report of the President concludes: “If consumption and…

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The Datamyne Top 5

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

Top U.S. Export Markets “We will double our exports over the Next five years…” – President Obama, SOTUS, January 27 Here’s where we start: Top Countries of Destination 2009 – JAN to NOV – FOB Value US$

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