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A World of Alternatives

Datamyne’s bread-and-butter application: multiplying sourcing options


It’s a staple of online community bulletin boards. People post a rant about the take-it-or-leave-it service provided by the cable TV company, or the phone company or pet groomer or dry cleaner or (fill in the blank) that monopolizes the local market … followed by an often futile plea for anyone out there to recommend a decent alternative.

“We’re finding more defects in the valves shipping from our Chinese suppliers.”

It’s a routine inquiry for Datamyne’s data specialists. Supply chain managers, purchasing agents and wholesalers contact our specialists when their sources’ quality control starts slipping, or rising costs are passed along as price increases, or regular shipments are interrupted by natural or man-made disasters. These inquiries net actionable information.

Our data specialists can research trade data on current shipments to identify qualified alternative sources from around the world. In fact, this may be our most frequent search request, a bread-and-butter application for us that makes a big difference for our clients.

And so, for the state-side distributor of valves, our data specialist experienced in working with companies in the hardware vertical researched our bill-of-lading data on shipments into the US market … and identified (among others) a list of Korea-based manufacturers of the valves. The distributor followed through and recently began sourcing product from Korea that meets the quality standards it advertises to its US customers.

Want to multiply your sourcing options in hardware (or any other product)? Ask our trade data specialists to show you how.

Date posted: August 15, 2011


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