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Tainted Tomatoes

Category: Data Applications

Fraud steals into the food supply chain 

Kraft Foods is just one of the higher-profile victims of a scheme to sell millions of pounds of moldy or otherwise defective tomato products. Federal prosecutors say more than 55 companies may have inadvertently moved the tainted shipments through supply chains and out to consumers, the New York Times reports. The culprits at SK Foods were able to move substandard tomato paste and puree by bribing purchasing managers (at Kraft, Frito-Lay, Safeway, and B&G Foods) and by falsifying the documentation on sales to other customers.

One commentator points out that, while product tainting is often associated with imports, this case was made entirely in the USA. The take-away is that supply chains need close monitoring, both to prevent distribution of bad product and to roll it up if reaches the market by accident or by criminal intent. When the supply chain crosses borders, The Datamyne can help: contact us to learn how.

Date posted: February 25, 2010


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