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Apple Season

It’s time to watch US import data for signs that new Apple products are ready for picking.

The Loop reports that Apple has sent out invitations to an event on September 10 at the company’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.

Cue the rumors that a new iPhone is about to be unveiled.

Meanwhile, there is speculation over at the Huffington Post that a new Apple TV is soon to be announced based on three import shipments in August.

Here are the records of those shipments pulled from our US database:

Apple Season: Time to Search US import data for New ProductsOnline, the blue/underlined dates hyperlink to the underlying bill of lading, which provides additional detail on the shipment.

These three were among 969 records of shipments to Apple Inc. between May 28 and August 26. All offer potential clues to what’s next  from Apple.

Datamyne makes it easy for anyone to search the US import data for shipments to Apple, or any other US importer. One option is to use OnDemand (find it on our homepage or follow this link).  Select the “Consignee” (i.e., importer) field to search and enter “Apple Inc” for all shipment records. You can try OnDemand out for free … then pay to download up to 250 records.

Another option is our free app for (appropriately enough) the iPhone, iPad or iPod, which supports simple searches of the most recent two weeks’ import shipments. Follow this link to the iTunes store.

Date posted: September 5, 2013


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