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Mining for Trade Answers

Miami Herald finds Datamyne delivers on toughest questions

“It is really hard to find good sources of information on companies by product,” Charlotte Gallogly, president of World Trade Center Miami, tells The Miami Herald.

What companies want, for example, “are the names of 10 buyers that buy a particular type of product – and that’s the toughest thing to come up with.”

Datamyne fills that niche, says Gallogly.

This morning’s company profile in the Miami Herald provides a raft of examples of product sales that can be traced through Datamyne’s trade data – including Argentine wines, Colombian flowers, Peruvian asparagus, and prepared foods from all over.

The data can also be used to answer other tough questions: whether goods are entering gray markets, for instance, or whether an offshore factory is violating its contract by shipping to a third party.

The article also looks at Datamyne’s founding in Uruguay inspired by the launch of the Mercosur trading partnership. Today, Miami-based Datamyne is the world’s largest searchable trade database and a top-ranked provider of commercial intelligence in the U.S.

Read the full Miami Herald article here:

Date posted: November 15, 2010


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