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Tesla Model S Overseas Shipments Ramp up in 2015

Category: Exports, Trade Data

Tesla Model S overseas shipments increased 200% in 2015 over 2014, according to Datamyne waterborne export data, for a total of 19,658 electric vehicles shipped last year compared with 6,539 the year before.

Based on the manifests filed by exporters, our data captures the number of vehicles identified as Model S shipped overseas by Tesla as well as the countries where they are off-loaded. The data is an indicator of the direction of Model S foreign sales – or “deliveries” in Tesla parlance – in Asia and Europe (but not in North America, where the EVs ship overland).

Tesla does not release monthly vehicle sales, as car makers conventionally do. It does report orders, deliveries (orders can outpace deliveries) and revenues. So Tesla trackers can piece together a picture of the EV maker’s sales performance. Waterborne export data adds another element to the picture.

Tesla reported 17,192 Model S deliveries in fourth-quarter 2015 for a 75% increase over 4Q14. The trade data on Tesla Model S overseas shipments shows 5,907 Model S cars were exported in 4Q15 compared with 2,418 in 4Q14 for a 144% increase.

Tesla Model S Overseas Shipments Destinations 2014

Tesla Model S Overseas Shipments Destinations 2015

Comparing 2015 trade data with 2014, top destination Netherlands, home of Tesla’s European distribution center, took delivery on 11,696 vehicles last year, compared with 2,669 a year earlier.

China, the second-ranked destination in 2014, with 2,388 vehicles, slipped well down the list, receiving only 149 vehicles in 2015 – a reflection not of slowing demand so much as over-exuberant order placing in 2014. In contrast, Hong Kong, which received 602 vehicles in 2014, surged ahead to take the lead among Asian destinations, with 2,445 vehicles.

One of Tesla’s top markets, Norway also received considerably more Model S cars in 2015 than in 2014 – 3,317 to 111. So, too, did Australia, a market Tesla entered in 4Q14, with 570 cars in 2015 compared with 114 in 2014.

You can see more data in our free report Tracking Tesla 2015, including month-by-month waterborne export Model S counts by country, with comparisons to 2014 data. Click here to download your free report. To inquire about subscribing to our up-to-date monthly Tesla report, contact us.

Free report Tesla Model S Overseas Shipments 2015



Date posted: February 18, 2016


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