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Sandy Throttles Grey Goose

Category: Imports

NJ is cut off from vodka as post-hurricane gasoline shortages persist in NY

While New Jersey has ended the rationing of gasoline, in short supply after Hurricane Sandy closed the Port of New York-New Jersey, New York City drivers are still observing an even-odd gas rationing system that harkens back to the 1970s (license ends in an odd number? fuel up on an odd date).

The shortages are the result, as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has said, of “just two days” interruption in the flow of supply through the Port of NY-NJ.

HS code 27, Mineral fuels (mostly petroleum), is the port’s top-ranked import commodity, accounting for 22,622,601 metric tons or 49.18% by volume of all shipments this year (as of October 20), according to our trade data.

Coming in a very distant second is HS code 22,  Beverages, spirits & vinegar. Shipments in 2012 through October 20 totaled 1,683,523 Mtons, a mere 3.66% of total imports. Still, the suspension of this trade flow will be felt, especially in New Jersey, where Hurricane Sandy caused the Hackensack River to overflow and flood the Kearny warehouse of Fedway Associates, exclusive NJ distributor of Grey Goose vodka, as Bloomberg News reports.

Our bill-of-lading import data shows that Fedway’s year-to-date imports of Grey Goose totaled 371.3 Mtons. Further down the list of importers (and just across the river in New York City) are wholesalers Empire Merchants (with year-to-date imports of 179.91 Mtons).

What other imports might be affected? You can get the complete list of Port of NY-NJ import commodities and shipment volumes in our free report here.

For  help in identifying alternate sources for products in short supply, contact us.

Date posted: November 14, 2012


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