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Top Searches 2012: Turkey

Category: Markets, Trade Data

The most often-sought country topped rankings 9 out of 12 months last year

Each month, Datamyne shares the top 10 most-frequently used “country,” “product,” and “company” names in searches of its US import database in the preceding month. Right now, you can find December’s top searches on our home page. We’ve added up the monthly hits to come up with 2012’s most popular searches.

Here are Datamyne’s 2012 top 10 country searches:

  1. Turkey
  2. China
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Vietnam
  5. Italy
  6. Taiwan
  7. Japan
  8. Germany
  9. Thailand
  10. India

Not only is Turkey the year’s top country search. It made our top 10 list every month – only China was on the list for all 12 months. (Italy made the list for 11 months, slipping down below the top 10 only in December.) In fact, Turkey was the most often sought country in 9 out 12 months.

Boosting US trade with Turkey has been top-of-agenda for the administration: President Obama’s first overseas trip, in April 2009, was to Turkey. Bilateral trade grew by 34% in 2011, reaching almost $20 billion – including $14.6 billion in US exports to Turkey.

Last month, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Francisco Sánchez led an aerospace and defense trade mission to Istanbul and Ankara, where he  announced a dozen private sector appointees to the US-Turkey Business Council that with recommends policy to strengthen bilateral economic ties. Upcoming trade missions and events are listed at

According to Turkish trade stats for 2012 (through November), the US is Turkey’s 9th ranked country market for exports (valued at US$5.1 billion), and 4th ranked country source for imports (US$13.2 billion).

Datamyne’s US Census-based trade statistics document the long-term growth trend in trade:

You can find this and other statistical information in the survey of US-Turkey trade that we’ve put together based on our US import/export data as well as the details of US maritime import trade from Turkey as revealed by our bill of lading data, including top consignees, shippers and carriers. This free downloadable includes a bonus section on import trade in travertine tile, with sample pages from the Datamyne Profile on top importer, Stone-Mart Travertine Marble.

The report, Datamyne Quick Look @ US Trade with Turkey, is FREE and can be downloaded from our Free Reports page, or by clicking here.

Date posted: January 29, 2013


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