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Datamyne 3.0 data visualization sharpens global market analysis

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Next-level platform for trade data mining makes it easy to connect the dots to gain market insights

Miami – April 13, 2015 – Datamyne, a leading provider of web-based international business intelligence, is inviting global buyers and sellers to experience the enhanced visualization features of its just-released platform for trade data search and analysis.

Datamyne 3.0 provides a visualization dashboard that database researchers can configure for customized organization and comparison of their search results. Here they can manipulate time frames and add or modify filters as well as sort, rank and total by a range of metrics.

A new “trade partners tree” clearly pictures the buyers and sellers related by cross-border assembly or supply chains.

“We invested in the most advanced software available to make it easy to read the data for intelligence about global markets,” says Brendan R. McCahill, CEO of Datamyne, “and our new user interface makes database search queries quick and simple.”

The new UI supports Google-like searches of US import-export. Side-bar filters can be selected with a click.

Datamyne 3.0 introduces editing to Saved Searches and Alerts, database query parameters that are saved for future reruns or to trigger email alerts when new shipments arrive. Users can also schedule weekly, monthly or quarterly auto-delivery of Saved Reports.

This release includes extensions to the underlying trade data assets, notably:

  • Global trade rankings, which provide import, export and summary statistics for all countries covered by Datamyne, now link to the details of each country’s database.
  • Records of Canadian shipments moving through US ports can now be searched.

Datamyne 3.0 also offers users the convenience of online bill pay and account management as well as best-in-class online HELP tools. An online User Exchange will be open for customers to request and vote on new features.

“Our new data search and analysis platform stems from an ongoing dialogue with our customers,” says Lisa Wallerstein, Datamyne vice president of marketing. “Datamyne 3.0 delivers the features most often requested – and we will continue to take direction from the new User Exchange.”


The company is offering free online demonstrations of Datamyne 3.0. To request a demo, go to


About Datamyne

Founded in 1992 with the aim of clearly and accurately documenting import-export transactions in the Americas, Datamyne has since claimed a top-ranked position in the highly competitive US market for trade data.

Datamyne today offers the best value in business intelligence: easy access, with expert support, at an affordable price, to the world’s largest searchable trade database. Built and maintained by an international team, Datamyne covers the cross-border commerce of some 50 countries on 5 continents.

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Lisa Wallerstein

Vice President of Marketing, Datamyne
V: +1 305.455.3638 M: +1 908.723.6288 F: +1 305.262.8009
[email protected]


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