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Datamyne Expands Content Again

Category: Press Releases

New data now available for Chile and Ecuador

Peru data expansion coming soon

MIAMI – April 29, 2009 The Datamyne, a leading provider of international trade data headquartered in Miami, has announced the latest expansion of its database content with the addition of bill of lading (BOL) detail for Chile and Ecuador. Already the largest trade database of its kind in the world, The Datamyne’s latest expansion is the second technical enhancement for the company this year. The announcement follows the launch of the Spring Tech Release in March, and anticipates the planned rollout of BOL data for Peru in the coming weeks.

The Datamyne uses world-class technology to capture, sort and deliver international trade data through its ISO-certified data center, where more than 90 data experts compile and unify trade records sourced from the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. In total, The Datamyne makes more than 700 million trade records from 43 countries available to its Internet subscribers. In excess of 100 million new records are added each year.

“Because a trade database is essentially a research tool, the value of the database is directly related to scale,” said Pablo Milburn, chief executive officer of The Datamyne. “The more information you have at your fingertips, the more business intelligence can be extracted from it. The content in our database supersedes all other similar resources available to business, industry and government agencies. Equally as important, we have continually brought new technical tools to market that give our subscribers rapid-fire access to exactly the records they need, sorted in very meaningful ways.”

Subscribers to The Datamyne have 24-hour access to import and export rankings by company, product type, harmonized code, brand and port, and can research trade activity as to freight origin and destination, shipment quantities, net and gross weights, freight value and insurance, and taxes charged. For more information:

About The Datamyne

The Datamyne is a leading provider of international trade data mined from more than 100 million raw data records each year. Subscribers to The Datamyne use powerful, web-based, user-friendly technologies to identify, retrieve and customize timely, accurate data that is essential to their specific business needs. Headquartered in Miami, Fla., The Datamyne offers detailed information for the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, obtained from government agencies.

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