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Datamyne Expands Its Import-Export Database to Include Central American Markets

Category: Press Releases

MIAMI – January 19, 2011 Datamyne, a leading provider of international market intelligence, announced the expansion of its database, adding import-export trade records of five Central American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Going forward, the new database acquisitions will be updated with monthly trade records approximately 50 days after the month’s end.

Datamyne’s database is the largest of its kind – a searchable store of information about cross-border commerce collected from bills of lading, manifests and customs declarations – and is used by companies and institutions to research markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. This latest expansion brings the number of countries covered by Datamyne to 46.

Taken together, the five Central American countries accounted for US$15.5 billion in U.S. imports and represented US$14.7 billion in U.S. exports in 2009.

The newly available data on five countries includes information derived from bills of lading such as commodities, importer and exporter names, volumes, country of origin/destination, port of loading/delivery, and other logistics details, starting with data for August 2010. For Costa Rica and Honduras, census statistics on exports and imports as far back as 2005 are also available.

Datamyne is offering complimentary online demonstrations of its new trade data resources. To schedule a demonstration click here.

About Datamyne

Founded in 1992 with the aim of clearly and accurately documenting import-export transactions in the Americas, Datamyne has since claimed a top-ranked position in the highly competitive U.S. market for trade data.

Datamyne today offers the best value in business intelligence: easy access, with expert support, at an affordable price, to the world’s largest searchable trade database. Built and maintained by an international team, Datamyne covers the cross-border commerce of 46 countries in Asia, the European Union and the Americas.

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