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The Datamyne’s Trade Statistics Show Recovery in Motion

Category: Press Releases

U.S. imports regain some, but not all ground lost in 2009

MIAMI – April 1, 2010 The Datamyne’s latest statistics from its U.S. imports database show imports recovering this February compared with February 2009, but still short of pre-recession levels. This is the third month in a growth trend that began in December.

The statistics from The Datamyne, a leading provider of international trade data, are based on records provided by U.S. Customs & Border Protection and capture month-by-month fluctuations in trade volumes.

Here are the TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) tallies for February (the latest month in 2010 for which complete data is available):

February 2010 February 2009 February 2008 February 2007
1,120,239 966,942 1,394,173 1,442,657

Much of the growth occurred in transpacific trade. Container shipments from China, top source for U.S. imports, were up 23.2% in February, compared to the same month one year ago.

“The volumes we’ve seen in U.S. imports in the three months through February, compared to the same period a year earlier, lend support to recent World Trade Organization forecasts of a rebound in world trade in 2010 that recovers some, but by no means all, ground lost in the recession,” said Brendan McCahill, chief executive officer of The Datamyne. A March statement released by the World Trade Organization (WTO) anticipates that world trade will grow at 9.5% year over year in 2010.

The WTO forecast measures trade on a volume basis because it provides a more reliable point of year-by-year comparison, undistorted by changes in commodity prices or currency rates. If growth keeps to the current pace, the WTO says, it will take another year for trade volumes to surpass 2008 peak levels.


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