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From the Rockies to the Himalayas: Getting Aid to Nepal

Category: Resources

On a recent trip to Colorado, one of our Datamyne team members found a way to connect personally with the Nepalese people and send aid to Nepal for the victims of late April’s catastrophic Gorkha earthquake and its aftershocks.

“I learned about Karma and Jyamu Bhotia and the work they do for Nepal when I was in Durango, of all places, right after the first earthquake,” she says.

Emigrés from Nepal, the husband and wife have built a successful business in Durango, the Himalayan Kitchen. The Bhotias have also forged a link between the people of this city in the Rockies’ San Juan Mountain Range and the villagers of Chyamtang, Karma’s boyhood home in the Himalayas. Groups of Durangans have joined self-financed “service treks” led by Karma to Chyamtang to rebuild a school and work on other projects to improve living conditions there (a service trek is scheduled for October 2015). Back in Durango, the all-volunteer Bohtia Foundation raises money to fund the projects.

Now, as the Durango Herald reports, the Bhotia Foundation is helping to get money for earthquake relief directly to Nepal. Datamyne is making a contribution – and we invite you to learn more and donate at 

Among the other disaster-relief charities taking monetary donations for Nepal are Save the Children and Red Cross.

Date posted: May 21, 2015


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