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Coffee Import Weekly

For coffee market brokers, traders, buyers & retailers: Fresh, granular data on inbound coffee shipments 7 to 14 days ahead of GCA numbers.

Coffee market watchers can now look to an earlier indicator of supply-demand trends. Our Coffee Import Weekly is based on Datamyne import data that captures each shipment’s importer, supplier, origin, destination, cleansed, standardized and enhanced with pricing and product descriptions, including varieties and certification types.

warehouse coffee stocks report green coffee association gca

Refreshed every 7 days by data sourced directly from Customs 24 hours after shipment arrival, our Coffee Import Weekly consistently correlates (70%) with the next month’s Current Warehouse Coffee Stocks Report from the Green Coffee Association (GCA).

  • Quickly build your own datasets

    With online access to all Coffee Import Weekly data – from this week’s edition back through 2013 – via our numberGo* data aggregation and analysis platform, you can select, filter and build datasets, generating results in formats that are easy to read and share.

  • Stay a step ahead of the market

    Datamyne collects its data from the bills of lading filed with US Customs and released 24 hours after a shipment arrives. Data is verified, cleaned and standardized (shipments tagged by variety and certification, volumes converted to bags) – and released to you each week.

    *Trademark of numberGo
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  • Track the products & players that matter to you

    Our coffee data is rich in descriptive detail. You can narrow your focus or cross-reference your shipment data with product or company profile information. Identify and follow Fair Trade or organic coffee shipments. Get data on soluble and coffee extract shipments. Track the imports of enterprises with sustainability certifications, such as RFA, UTZ, CAFE, 4C, AAA, and Bird Friendly.

  • Monitor trends, drill down to transactions

    You can set trend parameters, running comparisons by region, shipper – or Arabica vs. Robusta, Green vs. Roasted, Excelso, Supremo, and/or Microlot. You can also examine individual shipping records for the fine details of original cargo descriptions or logistics.

Datamyne’s Coffee Import Weekly is available by 12-month subscription and provides unlimited web-based access to the Coffee Import Weekly database.

Coffee Import Weekly sample results:

Sustainability Certifications:

sustainability certified coffee import data graph

Fair Trade Labeling:

fair trade yes coffee import graph

Organic Labeling:

organic coffee import graph

US Ports:

us ports importing coffee

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