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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impacting Your Supply Chain?

Find Alternative Supply Sources Now

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on supply chains is global. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are continuing to have their supply chains disrupted by the coronavirus. These organizations are challenged to look for new supply sources and to reduce supply chain risk.

Developing a proactive supply response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is possible with access to actionable trade insight. With the right approach, businesses can help to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on supply chains and strengthen and add resiliency to their logistics operations going forward.

This resource center serves as a hub on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and covers three key areas to guide businesses to new sources of supply including the need to:


Know the market to make better sourcing decisions


Choose the right supply chain path to maximize profit and resiliency


Review trading partners to avoid fines and manage ongoing compliance

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Supply Chains:

Descartes Can Help You Target New Supply Sources & Reduce Risk

Due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus on supply chains, sourcing weaknesses have been exposed and amplified. China, with its dominant manufacturing capabilities, has shown what the impact can be to global supply chains with narrow supply strategies and limited views of the reach of their own supply chains.


Of Fortune 1000 companies had one or more indirect suppliers located in the impacted regions in China [Source]

Businesses worldwide with one or more direct or indirect suppliers in the impacted region of China [Source]


Of executives do not know their
supply chain beyond the primary or direct supplier group [Source]

A broad range of industries and commodities are impacted by the outbreak. As logistics operations and supply chains shift, it is imperative to begin exploring new sources of supply for the following sectors and more including:

Automotive Sector

Chemicals Industry

Electronics Sector

Industrial Equipment

Consumer Products

Descartes Can Help

Descartes’ global trade intelligence solutions were created to address today’s sourcing challenges.

Descartes Datamyne is the world’s largest searchable trade database covering the commerce of 140 countries on 6 continents. With 230 global markets, our solution represents over 75% of the world’s trade. The solution allows companies to quickly see beyond their supply chain. With Descartes technology in place, it’s easy to find qualified sources of supply that are already shipping to any global location.  

Descartes can help vet and determine the landed cost of those new sourcing options as well as provide insight to highlight any impact of the coronavirus on imports and exports. Our restricted and sanctioned party solution can also determine if a potential supplier is on a government’s sanctioned party lists to avoid potential fines and penalties. In addition, Descartes’ tariff and trade policy solutions can help determine duty spend for these alternate sources to minimize supplier costs and maximize company margins.

Learn how Descartes can help mitigate your supply risk today and in the future. Our team is standing by to help you understand how global trade intelligence solutions can help your organization assess your sourcing options.  To request a demo, complete the form below.


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Learn how Descartes can help you reduce Coronavirus disruption risk. Our team is standing by to help you understand how global trade solutions can help your organization assess your sourcing options and much more. Simply submit the form to request a demo.