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Custom Research Services

Our trade data specialists (meet them here) work with individual customers to identify relevant data assets, structure research, and create reports that yield answers to their strategic business questions.

Each specialist draws on personal knowledge of global markets and professional experience in vertical industries as well as expertise in data analysis to meet our customers’ needs for current, focused research on commodities and markets, buyers and sellers.

Recent custom research reports include:

  • US import volumes, values, consignees, shippers, and ports of entry for brand-name apparel.
  • Central American suppliers, their shipments, and US customers, for tropical produce.
  • Select Latin American markets’ imports of nutraceuticals and personal care products.
  • US import-export trade in refrigerants.
  • Analysis EU imports of honey.
  • Chilean wine export markets, volumes, values, and vintners/shippers.


Request a custom
research consultation

Request information about your area of interest so that your inquiry can be directed to the appropriate trade data specialist.

Custom research reports can be developed for one-time use, or updated monthly, quarterly or bi-annually and delivered by email.

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