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Datamyne Markets:
Global market rankings pinpoint import-export opportunities

Market rankings for over 50 countries

Pinpoint where to sell and source products and transport services with a global view of trade movements using Global Market Rankings. You can compare countries’ trade activities with specific products or commodities using CIF and FOB values, view market rankings, and monitor rising or falling values over months, quarters, halves and years.

Global Market Rankings provide a unique world overview and a reliable point of departure for drilling down into the trade data of any one of the more than 50 country markets we cover, giving you visibility into products, players (where available), volumes and values.

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Our Global Market Rankings application offers a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to quickly filter and rank large amounts of data in dashboard views.

  • Utilize the top-down organization of trade data to facilitate fast analyses of markets.
  • Drag-and-drop additional dimensions, including timeframes and metrics, to quickly spot trends in areas such as pricing and calculate market shares.
  • Execute more complex, tiered searching via customized rankings that offer criteria for filtering and ranking data – for example, filter by country of origin, rank by port of arrival, drill down on individual ports to see a ranking of the top shippers, and then continue to drill down to see the details of each shipment.
  • Search using all available criteria through our Advanced Search option, then download data directly to Excel for further analysis.
  • Visualize data relationships easily with illustrative charts and graphs that reveal market shares, cargo movements and emerging or declining market demand.



  • See market shares, including carrier, NVOCC and port rankings, and YOY shifts in volumes.
  • Track commodity movements and YOY trends, spot emerging and declining markets, or shifts in product trade flows that could impact pricing.
  • Find growth markets for the products your company exports and see the top buyers.
  • Use market rankings to identify new sources for the products or raw materials your company buys, including the suppliers, countries of origin and (where available) price per unit.


Subscription information:

Datamyne Market Rankings are available by 12-month subscription. The subscription includes web-based access to any or all of the more than 50 countries we cover. Access to Datamyne Global Trade Rankings is free for subscribers to Datamyne’s international trade databases.
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