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Datamyne Trade Profiles: Connect with US importers and US suppliers

500,000+ Companies Covered

Use our Trade Profiles to access in-depth information about more than 500,000 US importers, US suppliers and foreign companies that are active in global trade. Business intelligence includes descriptive demographics, the most recent 12 months’ trade activities, and executive contacts.

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Datamyne Trade Profiles identifies the parties to US import trade by D&B’s D-U-N-S® Number,* the key to comprehensive information about the companies’ locations, management, corporate affiliations, sales, SICs, lines of business, and more.

Recent trade activities are based on Datamyne US waterborne import and export trade data, comprehensive commercial information gathered from bills of lading and manifests filed with US Customs authorities.


Multifaceted information about US importers and US suppliers, including:

  • Commercial background information from the D&B* database;
  • Executive contacts, phone and fax numbers, and company URLs;
  • 12-month summaries of total shipments, products, countries of trade, carriers, trading partners, ports and places of receipt;
  • Ability to drill down to individual shipments;
  • Resource links to D&B business reports and Jigsaw, as well as social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter;
  • The latest news headlines (where available); and
  • User ratings and reviews (exclusively from Datamyne, these ratings and reviews are from qualified company trading partners).

Flexible search options.

Use Simple Search to find US importers and US suppliers by name, D&B D-U-N-S Number or product. Or use Advanced Search to fine-tune a search by:

  • Company location, including zip code radius, state, county or congressional district, or by the port where cargos arrive or depart;
  • Country of origin or destination, and/or place of receipt;
  • Country of trade; and
  • Product description, SIC, NAIC or Harmonized Tariff code.

US Importers and US Suppliers Search Criteria

A Trade Profile is returned for every US importer, US exporter, foreign supplier (shipper) or transportation provider matching the search criteria. Simply click on the Trade Profile icon next to the company’s name to view its trade activity and business background information.

Choose the Trade Profile view of a single location, whether it is a branch, division or HQ location — or see a consolidated view of the entirety of a company’s trade.


*D&B D-U-N-S Numbers are proprietary to D&B, are licensed from D&B and are for internal use only.
D-U-N-S is a registered trademark of D&B.




Use Transportation service providers and Trade Profiles to find new customers and evaluate their logistics needs. The ability to review shipment activity from individual locations all the way up through a consolidated company view enables them to:

  • Identify companies that are using the competition;
  • See customers’ total shipments at all locations; and
  • Map customers’ shipment patterns by time of year and trade lane.

Banks use Trade Profiles to find and qualify prospects for their trade finance products.

Trade ministries use Trade Profiles to research commercial interests within their country markets with the aim of planning economic development initiatives and monitoring policy impacts.

Local and regional economic development agencies use Trade Profiles to identify opportunities to increase exports, incentivize new business creation, initiate public-private partnerships, and attract foreign direct investment.

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs use Trade Profiles because they can skip the numbers crunching and go directly to the names and contacts of the companies that fit their profiles of new suppliers or prospective customers.

Subscription information:

Datamyne Trade Profiles is available by 12-month subscription and provides unlimited web-based access to the most recent 12-month summaries (updated monthly) of company trade available on more than 500,000 companies in Datamyne’s US maritime trade database.


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