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Datamyne’s Top Content in 2016

Happy New Year from Datamyne and a special thank you to all of our followers. Your readership and input helped make our 2016 a success.


Check out our most-viewed blogs, free reports, news, and infographics from 2016.

Top Blogs

Tesla Model S Overseas Shipments Ramp up in 2015

Tesla Model S overseas shipments increased 200% in 2015 over 2014, according to Datamyne waterborne export data.

US Importer Supply Chains Disrupted by Hanjin’s Bankruptcy

The Hanjin bankruptcy rocked supply chains and left thousands of cargo stranded at sea.

NVOCC US Import TEU Share Hits 37 Percent

Over the last 10 years, NVO’s share of US TEU imports have increased 10 percent and the trend continues in 2016.

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Top Free Reports

Top 20 NVOCCs X Top 3 Carriers

Datamyne’s most popular report featuring the top NVOs and their TEUs via the top 3 carriers.

2015 US Port Report

View a trade profile of the top 20 US ports with the top products, carriers, import companies and more.

Top 25 US Imports

View the total value and % increase of the top 20 US product imports by HS code.

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Top News

Datamyne Releases 2015 US Port Report

Datamyne Releases 2015 US Port Report This popular annual report is a ‘handy reference for port authorities, carriers, logistic providers, importer and shippers – indeed, anyone with an interest in US ports…’

Coffee Import Weekly leads indicators of US market supply-demand

Coffee Import Weekly is an earlier indicator of coffee warehouse levels and is released 7 to 14 days ahead of GCA numbers.

West Coast Ports Strike Back

West Coast ports made a comeback from the labor disputes and slowdowns that negatively impacted import volumes in early 2015.

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Top Infographics

6 Ways Climate Change Impacts Trade Now

Find out what ways global climate shifts are altering trade patterns around the world.

All About Alcohol

How much hard alcohol does America import and export?

A Toy Story of US Imports

Do kids really still play with toys? This graphics stats say, yes!

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