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Production Maintenance Announcement - Descartes Datamyne Saturday, August 7, 2021 – Please be advised that Descartes Systems Group will be performing server maintenance starting on Datamyne starting Saturday, August 7 from 09:00AM EST ending at 16:00PM EST. About 1-hour of downtime is expected. Questions or concerns can be directed to [email protected] Please reference CHN-21141

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Descartes Lead Generator Sample

Descartes Lead Generator Free Trial Sample

Test Drive the Solution

Welcome to the Free Trial of Descartes Lead Generator. The below includes a set of sample data. Please click here to view a video tutorial of how to use the solution in action.
A sales representative will be contacting you to answer any questions you may have and to ensure you’re getting the most from the solution.


To get started, simply click on any option below. For example, simply select a state, and the interactive dashboard automatically updates to display only those importers, shippers, NVOCCs. U.S. and foreign ports, products imported or exported, and more for that location.

When you have a custom blend of options selected, simply scroll to the bottom to view your opportunities. The full version will include leads and company details for export to excel.