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The Power of Import Export Data for
International Business Intelligence

Slide Get easy access to the worlds largest searchable database covering
the import / export trade of the Americas, Asia, Africa and the EU.
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and are experts at trade data research and analysis.
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Slide Rely on our ISO-certified performance – unique in the industry –
for the highest quality information available to support your
global business strategies.
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Slide Explore LATAM opportunities with our coverage of 17 Latin American
countries – ­ more data than any other source.
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The global import-export data you need to take your business across borders:

From import-export trends, to the tally of cargos for individual shippers or consignees, right down to the details of each transaction – you are just clicks away from information you need to gain market insights:

Manufacturers: identify & qualify alternate sources & find new markets for your products.

Transportation & logistics providers: project demand to plan services, allocate resources, focus your marketing & sales.

Financial & industry analysts: monitor commodity volumes & values, investigate inventory build-ups or cutbacks, size up players in the global marketplace.

Importers/wholesalers: track your products, monitor your competitors.

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Datamyne 3.0 makes the data easy to review and analyze. I love all
the filters and tabs, and the clean new look that takes full advantage
of the wide screen. Mining millions of records is made easier, and
customers can immediately get to the answers they need.

Sherry Wang
President, Green Wave Ingredients

With the enhanced Datamyne 3.0, I am able to research and extract data
much more quickly. I like the simplicity of viewing the top 5 Carriers, Arrival
Ports, Countries of Origin, Places of Receipt and HS codes immediately,
via the new filters. This is a much more user-friendly system, with multiple
new features, and I’m finding it very valuable for database research.

Eleni Dallas-Demiris
Cluster Commercial Executive, United Arab Shipping Company

United Arab Shipping Company logo

Datamyne’s online subscription service has helped us refine our marketing
efforts to reach businesses that can benefit from our Foreign-Trade Zone.
This provides us with prime opportunities and greater success in generating
business development, job creation, and economic expansion.

Clara Bennett
Deputy Director of Fort Lauderdale’s Transportation
and Mobility Department

ft lauderdale transportation mobility

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Bellwether Trends in International Trade in 2018

In a year that promises to be eventful for global commerce, several trends stand out for their potential to impact U.S. import-export trade including:

    1. Shifting Currents in Global Energy Flows

The lifting of restrictions on U.S. oil exports together with the shale revolution have recast the U.S. as an energy exporter after an era of dependence on imports.

    1. A Look at China

The world’s No. 2 economy and the United States’ No. 1 trading partner, China has chosen 2018 to launch a three-year campaign of “critical battles” against debt, poverty and pollution.

    1. Renegotiating NAFTA

Canada, Mexico and the U.S. have vowed to continue talks on amending their free trade agreement through March. Can they resolve differences before Mexico’s presidential campaign begins in the spring?

    1. U.S. International Trade Administration Taking the Initiative in AD/CVD Inquiries

Dusting off a power last used in 1991, the Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration self-initiated antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) investigations in November, delivering on a promise of stepped up trade law enforcement.

    1. Rising Protectionism (Or Is It?)

While warning against rising protectionism, the World Trade Organization reports encouraging news: its members introduced fewer new trade restrictions mid-October 2016 to mid-October 2017 compared with the same period a year earlier.