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HTS Code: 2901.10.1010
Ethane, Saturated

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US Import and Export data for HTS 2901.10.1010

Importing Companies HTS Code: 2901.10.1010
Top Importers Using this Code
Jacobi Carbons Inc (oh)
Croda Uniqema Inc (de)
Mahle Behr America Inc (mi)
Hobo Inc (mn)
Cold Chain Technologies Inc (ma)
170 US importers have used this code in the last 12 months in Datamyne’s system.
Supplier Companies HTS Code: 2901.10.1010
Top Suppliers Using this Code
Jacobi Carbons Lanka Pvt Ltd
Haltermann Carless Deutschland Gmbh
Croda Europe Ltd
7ubitherm Technologies Gmbh
Alway International Co Ltd
162 Suppliers to the US have used this code in the last 12 months in Datamyne’s system.
Destination of Exports by Total Value: Jul 2020
Top 5 Countries Value
India $24,503,027
United kingdom $19,691,672
Mexico $8,701,327
China $8,655,252
Norway $6,435,179

12-Month Trend by Value of Imports and Exports for HTS 2901.10.1010

*Import Value is USD by CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) and Export Value is USD by FOB (Free on Board).

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HTS Code: 2901.10.1010 - Ethane, Saturated -

Saw imports of $0 and exports of $74,942,018 in Jul. This is a change of 100% and -28.09% respectively from the month Jul of 2019. This data is derived from Datamyne, using US import and export trade data released by the US Census Bureau in the Merchandise Trade dataset.

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