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Drive up Sales and Discover New Opportunities with an Easy-to-Use Lead Generator

Quality lead generation is critical to drive-up sales and diversify revenue. However, it can be challenging for logistics service providers to target the right sales prospects. Add-in multiple commodities, countries of export, and even internal processes such as sales territories, and the task to discover the right opportunities is made more complex.

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Enhancing B2B Lead Generation with Import-Export Trade Data

Descartes Lead Generator™ delivers actionable insight from large volumes of maritime import-export data. With this solution in place, it’s easy to identify new opportunities and refine by location, product, ports, and more. Descartes Lead Generator can rapidly pinpoint trade shifts and market patterns for a given commodity, industry, or competitor.



Platform Overview




dtm api icon enhance company dataDrive Growth
With Descartes Lead Generator in place, businesses can generate actionable insight and leads from large volumes of maritime import-export data.


dtm api icon complete taskIncrease Efficiency
Descartes Lead Generator delivers uniquely tailored results that dynamically respond to user-defined parameters. These results can be analyzed at a glance to quickly identify key trends.


lead generator targeted listStay Informed
Our solution is updated with the latest fully-processed and verified trade data available. With this information, users can rapidly pinpoint trade shifts and market patterns for a given commodity, industry, or competitor.


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What our customers are saying:

“Datamyne is one of the best, if not the best, business intelligence platforms out there. The accuracy and quantity of information the system provides helps us be in front of the market and on top of our game. It’s simple to use, it’s reliable, and the customer service is superb. Most of the questions we have about our market situation, Datamyne answers them.”

– Tatiana Pochet, Marketing & BI Coordinator

“I have been a trade data user for over 20 years. Last year I began using Datamyne for a new international market that my company began servicing. The selection of Datamyne was based on three primary criteria: timeliness of data, accuracy of data, and customer service. Datamyne is superior in these three areas.”

– Joe Cruise, VP Yield Management