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Leadership Team

Ours is an international team, experts in trade intelligence and global markets.

Brendan R. McCahill

Senior Vice President – Trade Data Content

Brendan R. McCahill has nearly three decades of experience in the maritime and international trade industries, including senior positions with Hanjin Shipping, Norton Lilly International, Gulf & Atlantic Maritime Services, Associated Container Transportation and PIERS, where he served as president. He joined Datamyne in 2007 as executive vice president and was named chief executive officer in 2009, with principal responsibility for overseeing the data center, sales and service operations, and leading the company’s product development and market development initiatives.

Mark Segner

Vice President of Global Sales

Mark Segner has worked in the international trade intelligence field since 2011, initially as vice president of sales for Zepol and, following Datamyne’s acquisition of Zepol in 2015, as leader of Datamyne sales and support teams. Prior to this, Mark managed manufacturing and distribution organizations at the Nott Company, leading supplier of fluid power products and systems, industrial products and custom rubber fabrication. During his 15 years at Nott, he became expert at deploying trade data-driven strategies to achieve rapid business expansion and profit growth. Our customers benefit from his direct experience in leveraging trade data to glean competitive intelligence, make sourcing decisions, and understand existing and potential markets.

Enrique Brum

Vice President of Sales – North America

As a Vice President of Sales, Enrique Brum is responsible for the United States, Asia and Mexico markets. He began his career as a successful entrepreneur and was the co-founder of Urunet (Uruguay), Mercosur On Line (Argentina) and Datamyne (USA). With over 25 years of experience, he brings proficient know-how in pioneering trade data-driven business intelligence and content for the import-export and maritime sectors. His role as a leader of Datamyne’s sales team assists in guiding the company’s product and market development initiatives. Brum is fluent in both English and Spanish.

“Our team embraces the challenges of doing business internationally, from details of local custom and regulation to larger issues of market supply and demand that must be understood if you are to have a successful global strategy.”

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