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O que os nossos usuários dizem sobre nós

“Datamyne 3.0 makes the data easy to review and analyze. I love all the filters and tabs, and the clean new look that takes full advantage of the wide screen. Mining millions of records is made easier, and customers can immediately get to the answers they need.”

- Sherry Wang, President, Green Wave Ingredients

“Datamyne’s online subscription service has helped us refine our marketing efforts to reach businesses that can benefit from our Foreign-Trade Zone. Communicating directly with companies that can capitalize on the advantages offered by a Foreign-Trade Zone within our program’s service area provides us with prime opportunities and greater success in generating business development, job creation, and economic expansion.”

- Clara Bennett, Deputy Director of Fort Lauderdale’s Transportation and Mobility Department

“Datamyne has assisted us in sharpening our perspective of major industries’ trade-flows. With a globalized supply and increasingly inter-linked economies, such a view has become increasingly important.”

- Juan Betancourt, Marketing Analyst

“Using Datamyne is a very easy process. I use a few filters and have the information I need. I like it for its ease of use and the customer service is great. If I have a question I get a response within 24 hours. I feel confident in the information I receive from Datamyne.”

- Everett Jones, Account Manager

“Datamyne is one of the best, if not the best, business intelligence platforms out there. The accuracy and quantity of information the system provides helps us be in front of the market and on top of our game. It’s simple to use, it’s reliable, and the customer service is superb. Most of the questions we have about our market situation, Datamyne answers them.”

- Tatiana Pochet, Marketing & BI Coordinator

“I have been a trade data user for over 20 years. Last year I began using Datamyne for a new international market that my company began servicing. The selection of Datamyne was based on three primary criteria: timeliness of data, accuracy of data, and customer service. Datamyne is superior in these three areas.”

- Joe Cruise, VP Yield Management

“My main purpose in using Datamyne is to track and monitor competitor imports to the U.S. I have a high regard for the excellent customer service, training and follow up from Datamyne.”

- Mike Burke, Vice President of Customer Relations

Travel around the world and, you know, your passport gets thicker, you get tired in airline seats. Or you could go to Datamyne and, in 15 minutes, there’s a good month of research done.

- David Moore, Woodland Foods

Platt Brothers has been in business since 1797, and you don’t have that kind of longevity without being keenly aware of what your competition is doing. Datamyne provides excellent reports and customer service to help us remain on top of our game and continue to grow and change with the times. We’ve tried other import tracking services over the years but Datamyne remains peerless within the industry.

- Dave Berardinelli, Platt Brothers

Essentially, the Datamyne takes a massive amount of data and transforms it into meaningful business intelligence.

- Killer Startups (review)

One strength of Datamyne over others is that they have excellent customer service. … Premium Ingredients is an importer and distributor of fine chemicals. We’ll go into Datamyne and see how much business a company doing in the US. If they’re not doing a lot of business in the US, that’s an opportunity for us. Maybe we can work with them to grow their business.

- Ron Juergens, Prinova (formerly Premium Ingredients International)

One of the greatest assets of using Datamyne is that we can break the data down into regions. … Not all of our competition is national. And [Datamyne] is a great snapshot of who is in what region, what their strengths are, and what products they’re bringing in.

- Brent Laffey, Prinova (formerly Premium Ingredients International)

Datamyne is an exceptional business intelligence tool that has provided fundamental information to our company when making strategic decisions.

- Alvaro Salcedo, South Commerce Group Inc.

Marvelous. The speed is a blast!

- Mia Bloemen, Independent Container Lines (ICL)

Datamyne 2.0 is great and it has really enhanced our ability to search by customer name and commodity.

- Steve Hawkins, NVOCC Import Pricing

I compared Datamyne to three others and I selected Datamyne … Compared to other services, your whole group has been very attentive. When I had any query issues, they have been very attentive from a customer service standpoint – and to get a call from our salesperson when it isn’t renewal time is really impressive. [When I access the product] I am able to find at least one thing right away that makes Datamyne worth the investment.

- Ted Fuller, King Canada, Inc.

The data collected and cleansed by Datamyne allows one to discover microscopic details in a given industry. Based on actual bills of lading instead of mere estimates, the details that can be uncovered from their data are exceptionally accurate and granular. Furthermore, the data has been used to contrast the government data which is compiled by survey work.

- Integrity Research Associates (review)

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