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The Power of Import Export Data for
International Business Intelligence

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The global import export data you need to take your
business across borders

Explore new markets

Up-to-the-minute rankings of global trade flows, based on products, trading countries, volumes and values.

Más información sobre Mercados

See details of global shipments

View import export shipment records, that reveal the products, origins and destinations, volumes, logistics, and trading parties.

Más información sobre Cargamentos

Find qualified trading partners

Our import export data provides  a 360º view of the buyers, sellers and service providers in international trade, with added dimensions of background and evaluative information.

Más información sobre Trade Profiles

The world’s largest searchable database of global trade data – at your fingertips.

From import-export trends, to the tally of cargos for individual shippers or consignees, right down to the details of each trade transaction – you are just clicks away from information you can use to evaluate new markets, identify prospective customers, monitor long-distance business arrangements, locate new suppliers, and track your competition.

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Trade statistics on your mobile device.

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