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Cómo funciona nuestro producto

The world's largest searchable database of global
trade data, at your fingertips.

Take a quick video tour

The best way to learn how you can use Datamyne to access global trade data is to see it in action. Watch this quick video for an overview of our application.

What you’ll learn

In this video you’ll learn the basics, including how to navigate our international trade databases and how to rank this data for quick market insights. You will also learn how to search the details of individual shipments to find new global trade opportunities for your business. See how you can save searches to your dashboard for fast retrieval and set alerts to stay on top of the latest trade activity.

Getting Started

Easy Access

We’ve designed our product to put the world’s largest searchable database of global trade at your fingertips.

Datamyne offers you a simple and easy way to research international trade data, analyze your results, and gain the insights that translate into competitive advantages for your business.

Choose a task

There are lots of ways to use our data. Here are some short how-to notes on the most popular business applications.

Pick the type of data

Choose Imports or Exports for trade statistics reported by the US Department of Commerce and its counterparts. Bills of Lading document ocean-going shipments.

Pick the type of research

Select Rankings for analyzing markets, or use our Queries application to search Bill of Lading data for detailed information about cargos.

Select a country

You have nearly 50 country markets across 5 continents to choose from – and we continue to expand our coverage.

Get expert support

One of our data specialists will show you around Datamyne, sharing tips and techniques to get the results that matter most to you.

Product Features

Dig deeper with Datamyne’s analytic tools

With Datamyne’s unique, easy-to-use features you can analyze your results from multiple angles.

  • Sum up or drill down to fine tune results with Total By fields.
  • Drag and drop to select and order search fields.
  • Click to create charts and graphs.
  • Quickly download findings to Excel* spreadsheets.


Quickly download your findings to Excel spreadsheets

Sum up

You can total your results by the information fields of your choice – shipper, consignee, carrier, country of origin, and more...

Build your query

Select a field and type in your search word – such as a product or company name – and see your query take shape in the Current Search Query edit box and a preview of its results.

Drill down

Click on the links in displayed results to see underlying details – such as all shipments received by a consignee.

View Profile
Example of Datamyne's global trade database.

This cool feature gives you a multi-sourced, 360-degree view of the companies involved in US import trade.

Datamyne Profiles is a value-added feature offered with our US Bill of Lading database access.

Get detailed information on the companies that are party to US import trade: including their D&B
D-U-N-S® Numbers,* associated business demographics, 12-month trade summaries, plus links to Jigsaw, D&B reports, social media, news headlines, user reviews, and more.

*D&B D-U-N-S Numbers are proprietary to D&B, are licensed from D&B and are for internal use only. D‐U‐N‐S is a registered trademark of D&B.


Click to see your results as a graphic – pie chart share, bar graph or trend line.

Create alerts

Save your search queries to retrieve and update later … and set up email alerts to be notified when new shipments arrive.

*Excel es una marca registrada de Microsoft Corporation.

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