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US Steel Imports Market Insight: Trade Data Customized for Steel Market Watchers

The ‘who, what, when and where’ of US steel imports for steelmakers, traders, buyers & sellers

US Steel imports

Our US Steel Imports Market Insight report is based on Datamyne US import data that captures the importing and shipping companies, any notify party, and the route – from place of receipt to port of arrival and on to final destination – for each incoming shipment of steel mill products.

We use every scrap of information on the shipping manifests, including cargo descriptions, weights, marks and numbers. Our data mining algorithms (developed in collaboration with our steel industry clients) yield comprehensive, in-depth intelligence about inbound flows of steel.

Refreshed every 10 days with data released to us by Customs 24 hours after shipment arrival, our Steel Import Market Insight is the perfect companion to SIMA, the Commerce Department’s Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis system. Use it to dig below SIMA statistics on source countries and tariff codes: Get a clear view of the buyers and sellers that make this dynamic market.

“Datamyne looks beyond a declaration of ‘steel products’ to all the information on the manifest, including shipper, port and consignee. These details enable an educated guess that the cargo of ‘steel products’ is actually ‘hot-rolled sheet’.”

–US Steel Imports Market Insight subscriber

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Rapid-build your own datasets

With online access to all US Steel Import Market Insight data – from this week’s through 2013 – via our interactive numberGo* data aggregation and analysis platform, you can select, filter and build datasets, generating results in formats that are easy to read and share.
*Trademark of numberGo

Keep pace with near real-time data

We collect our US Import data from bills of lading 24 hours after they are released by US Customs. Fully processed data is published on the numberGo platform on a 10-day refresh cycle. Processing covers verifying, cleaning and standardizing the data – including unifying company name and product description variants (e.g., ‘rebar’ vs. ‘deformed bar’).

Customize dashboards for your team

We will work with you to customize on-screen visualizations of Steel Import Market Insight for data-driven decision-making across your company. Select and configure datasets, ongoing analyses, results tables and graphs – and make it easy for your sales, marketing, procurement, supply chain management, and logistics professionals to go to just the intelligence they need.

Monitor your competitive environment

You can add filters and adapt our processing rules to focus on your products and markets. You can set trend parameters, running comparisons by source, port of entry, shipper or importer. You can also examine individual shipping records for the fine details of original cargo descriptions or logistics.

“We use this information to understand where our competition is selling into – and evaluate why we didn’t get those sales, what we might be doing differently to make the sale.”

– US Steel Imports Market Insight subscriber

“For commercial applications, the Datamyne steel report’s information on source mills, buyers and ports of entry is very valuable.”

–US Steel Imports Market Insight subscriber

Search by Steel Import Product Categories including:

  • Hot Rolled Sheets
  • Cold Rolled Sheets
  • Blooms, Billets and Slabs
  • Plates
  • Structural Shapes,
  • Rebar … and more

…Work with our team to customize your steel product filters

US Steel Imports Market Insight sample results – obtained in less than 2 minutes:
Roll over with cursor to view details.

US steel importers based on steel product type

US steel importers based on steel product type

US steel imports by regional location and product category

US steel imports by regional location and product category

Visual map of US steel imports identifying top import regions

Visual map of US steel imports identifying top import regions

Top international suppliers of Hot Rolled Sheet steel imported to the United States

Top international suppliers of Hot Rolled Sheet steel imported to the United States

Unlimited-access subscriptions start at $1000 per month.

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