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Historical Trends, Real-time Trade Data and Market Analysis for Traders, Investors, Analysts, and Organization:

Descartes Datamyne Energy Insights & Analytics is designed to deliver critical insights into U.S. trade data to help you track and predict global energy market trends


Oil & Energy Trade Data & Analysis from Descartes Datamyne

The complexities of today’s energy landscape are a challenge for businesses looking to stay ahead of the market. To compete effectively, organizations require robust solutions providing key insights into the metrics that matter most.

Descartes Datamyne Energy Insights & Analytics delivers critical insights into global trade data to help our users understand market dynamics and fluctuations to make better informed business decisions

Powered by the world’s largest searchable trade database, these reports utilize customized, in-depth search queries to identify import and export records and trade reports for the energy industry.

This vital market data is delivered faster than anywhere else in the industry and is rich with descriptive detail and offers additional customization for specialized business insights.



Descartes Datamyne Energy Insights & Analytics Reports Feature:

  • Near real-time import trade data delivered faster than any other provider.
  • A visual breakdown of trends for different commodity groups and products; from crude oil to light distillates and biofuels.

With Descartes Datamyne Energy Insights & Analytics reports, Organizations Can:

  • Track the Products & Players That Matter Most
  • Monitor global trade trends, market share, price fluctuations
  • Access the critical data points needed for accurate medium- to long-term projections for traders, investors and analysts