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US Hard Alcohol Imports and Exports | Free Report 2015

The top liquors Americans import and sell overseas by value and number of liters.

Hard Alcohol Import Export Glass ImageThis free report on hard alcohol (or distilled spirits) imports and exports covers United States 2015 trade of Vodka, Whiskies, Tequila and other liquors. View overall values of US spirits imports and exports in addition to detailed data by 10-digit HTS code. The report features each HTS code’s total import-export values (FOB US$) and the actual number of proof liters per alcohol spirits type that were traded last year.

The top distilled spirit HTS code (by # of liters) that the US imported last year was HTS Code: 2208.60.2000 Vodka In Containers Each Holding Not Over 4 Liters Valued Over $2.05/liter.

See a sneak peek at more of the data in this report below.


US Hard Alcohol Exports in 2015 by Share of FOB Value US$ and Liters

US exports of hard alcohol in 2015 pie graph


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