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Why Customers Choose Datamyne

Datamyne delivers the best value in international business intelligence

“My main purpose in using Datamyne is to track and monitor competitor imports to the U.S. I have a high regard for the excellent customer service, training and follow up from Datamyne.”

- Mike Burke, Vice President of Customer Relations
Our people know global markets

From our founders who started in 1992 with the goal of accurately documenting import-export transactions across the Americas, to our trade data specialists who combine on-the-ground knowledge of markets with professional experience in key industry verticals, ours is a truly international team.

Together, we have built and continue to maintain the world’s largest searchable trade database. We have harnessed best-in-class technologies to create a state-of-the-art Web portal that puts this unique information resource at our customers’ fingertips.

We have achieved leadership in providing import-export trade data covering countries in the Americas, Asia and the European Union, as well as US maritime commerce as documented by bills of lading.

Our customer service is individualized

Each customer account has one of our expert US-based trade data specialists assigned to provide individualized service and support. Optional online training is offered at no charge by our customer care team.

Researchers are also available to develop customized reports based on unique specifications.

Our data is verified and subject to strict quality control

Our ISO-certified data center in Montevideo, Uruguay, ensures that the database of over 800 million records adheres to the highest standards for accuracy and completeness.

All data is cross-checked against multiple sources and verified against prior months and prior years.

Shipment counts are audited with carriers.

Our data is timely

US shipment data is updated daily upon receipt from US Customs and Border Protection.

Online database is updated with Datamyne’s value-added fields twice per month.

International census data is available to Datamyne customers from one to two months (depending on government policy) after receipt from official sources.

Our comprehensive US trade data is the latest available anywhere

US trade data is gathered from the Automated Manifest System (AMS), customs declarations and Import-Export Customs Statistics.

Full separation of Master and House bill of lading information with no duplication of bills.

Our data coverage is multi-national, multi-dimensional

International databases include 48 countries in Asia, Latin America, and the EU.

Importer names are available for Argentina, as well as supplier names from Chile, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Bill of lading/manifest detail data is available for Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, and Mexico.

Import/Export trade statistics are available from Brazil, China, Ecuador, Japan, the EU, Mexico, and India.

All data is available via Datamyne’s online platform offering tools for rapid analysis.

Our historical data yields context, longer-term trends

Historical data for most Latin American countries available from 1996 to the present.

Historical data available for most other countries available from 2004 to the present.

Our value-added fields provide deeper insight

HS codes are assigned to cargoes. Actual TEUs are calculated based on container number.

Names and addresses of US importers have been unified (i.e., variants combined, redundancies eliminated).

Countries of origin are specified.

Our product features user-friendly access, search and analysis

Datamyne 2.0 new “smart search” technology offers rapid access along with superior ease of use, making it the industry’s most user-friendly and productive trade data intelligence tool:

  • Download up to 2,000 results at a time to Excel spreadsheets. View an unlimited number of results.
  • Summarize search results (by consignee, shipper, country of origin, etc.) for targeted analysis.
  • Execute more complex searching by various combinations for specific results.
  • Search by or view shipments by equipment type and size in the maritime edition of our product.
  • Search by or view shipments by equipment type and size in the maritime edition of our product.
  • Save searches and set alerts so that you are notified via email when new shipments of interest arrive.
  • Drag and drop tools facilitate analysis of market share by product, country of origin/destination, carrier or NVOCC.
Our product is very affordable

Sold on a subscription basis, Datamyne rates start at an affordable $250/month for single-login basic access.

Take a test drive of Datamyne 3.0, available with 3 months of US Trade Data.



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