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It’s Time to Take a Fresh Look at Trade with Cuba

The US imposed its first trade embargo on Cuba October 19, 1960. Now, after 55 years of this near-at-hand market being off-limits to trade and travel from the US, diplomatic relations have been restored and the restrictions on commerce between the two countries are being eased.

Our partners at Esri have created a story map that visualizes our data on Cuban import-export trade. Every picture tells a story … about what Cuba is buying and selling and with whom it is doing business right now. See the story map above.

Clearly, these pictures will change as the barriers to trade come down and opportunities for entrepreneurs emerge … But where, when, and how to take advantage of them?

For answers, Datamyne, in partnership with NEXCO, brought a roster of experts in law, trade regulation, market research, international business and logistics together in Miami on October 9. You can see a quick video intro at right . Conference presentations and hand-outs are available HERE for free downloading with our compliments. View Webcasts from the conference HERE (with registration).