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The Descartes Datamyne Team

When you meet our team of people, you will find them to be multi-lingual, international and experts in global trade with a shared goal – a passion for delivering the best value to our customers.

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Leadership Team

We are committed to expanding our coverage of global trade and markets (now including more than 170 countries in 5 continents); to sustained investment in our ISO‐certified data center in Montevideo, maintaining our reputation for adhering to the highest standards for data accuracy and system reliability; and to delivering a product that leads the way in terms of ease of use, speed of response, and a simplified approach to conducting sophisticated research.

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Business Development Managers

Our business development managers are your guides to Descartes Datamyne resources and their applications. Recruited for their knowledge of global markets and their experience in key vertical industries, they work one‐on‐one with customers to identify and analyze the trade information relevant to their enterprises.

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Data Specialists

Our data specialists are empowered as advocates for customers with Datamyne. They provide help and training aimed at ensuring each customer gets the full value of their subscription to Datamyne. They also elicit customer input to the product development and service enhancement process.

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Use Descartes Datamyne for International Market Research

Doing international market research can be complex and time-consuming. Find out how we can help you. Our customers choose us, because we deliver the best value in global trade intelligence.

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