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Trade Data for Law Firms

Trade data is a key element in suits brought under federal laws that regulate imports and enforce trade agreements and sanctions.

Essential Documentary Evidence of Cross-Border Shipments

For in-house corporate counsels and trade attorneys, Descartes Datamyne’s import export data offers specialized support for investigations related to unfair trade practices, contract disputes, intellectual property and patent infringement, and other legal inquiries. The data includes dates, contents, origins, destinations and the identity of the parties to the trade.

Access Trade Statistics
Simplify Legal Research
Collect, Analyze Evidence

Identify, Analyze & Vet Prospective Clients and Cases

Our U.S. import data captures each shipment’s importer, supplier, origin, destination, and more, while our international data captures players, quantities, volumes, and prices.

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Stay Up to Date

Descartes Datamyne provides the latest available data on U.S. import and export trade.

Streamline Research

Our advanced online search and analysis tool simplifies complex legal research

Work with Experts

Leverage the efforts of our team of trade data specialists with expertise in a wide range of key verticals

Find Out How the World’s Largest Searchable Global Trade Database Works to Give Law Firms In-depth Insights

What Our Customers Say About Descartes Datamyne’s Global Trade Data

Our customers tell us that our online global import and export trade data solutions have helped them analyze supply and demand trends for their products, identify suppliers, generate sales leads, expand into new markets, strengthen supply chain resilience, monitor competitors’ cross-border activities, and more.

The Mosaic Company

Using Datamyne is a very easy process. I use a few filters and have the information I need. I like it for its ease of use, and the customer service is great. If I have a question, I get a response within 24 hours. I feel confident in the information I receive from Datamyne.”

Everett Jones

Account Manager, Mosaic

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