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Building Supply Chain Resilience

Three key steps to supplier (and buyer) sourcing success for enhanced supply chain resilience

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Three Key Steps to Building Resilience in Your Supply Chain

Descartes’s global trade intelligence solutions and services enable organizations to make better supply sourcing decisions resulting in improved bottom line performance and helping to avoid government-imposed compliance penalties and brand damage. In fluid times, global trade intelligence helps to quickly execute an alternative sourcing process, which in turn enhances an organization’s supply chain resilience.

The three key steps to achieving supply chain resilience consist of Identify, Analyze and Vet, which works together in sequence to help optimize an organization’s global operations.


identify global suppliers

Scan for Global Suppliers to Make Better Sourcing Decisions

Find new suppliers from available options worldwide, including company names and contact details, as well as spot macro-level shifts in supply sources.


analyze supply chain

Select the Supply Chain Path that Maximizes Profit

Compile a shortlist of suppliers in countries with low duties, tariffs and free or preferential trade agreements to reduce costs, enable international growth and enhance competitive edge.


denied party screening for suppliers

Screen Against Denied Parties Lists

Make sure that selected new suppliers are not denied parties by screening them against a combined database of sanctioned, debarred, restricted and blocked entities.

The Descartes Datamyne Difference When It Comes to Supply Chain Resilience

Making the supply chain more resilient is dependent on access to global trade data because it enables supply chain visibility, and allows organizations to:

  • Identify potential disruptions
  • Determine the most profitable supply chain path
  • Accelerate alternative sourcing decisions
  • Develop strategies to mitigate port delays
  • Build long-term supply chain resiliency

Global trade intelligence allows organizations to make informed business decisions over both the short and the long terms, however, given the vast amount of data that needs to be examined this is only possible with robust, flexible, and scalable solutions. The same is true for examining market overviews and historical trends to identify demand shifts and coordinate supply chains accordingly.

With a comprehensive database of accurate, up-to-date import-export information, powered by the Bill of Lading and Census data of 230 markets across 5 continents, Descartes Datamyne™ enables risk reduction through supply chain optimization and supplier diversification.

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Use Descartes Datamyne for International Market Research

Doing international market research can be complex and time-consuming. Find out how we can help you. Our customers choose us, because we deliver the best value in global trade intelligence.

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