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Trade Data for the Food and Beverage Industry

Descartes Datamyne provides early indicators of supply and demand trends for traders, buyers, retailers, and others looking to stay ahead of the market.

Gain Unique Insights into Products, Suppliers, Markets, and Competitors

Having the latest market intelligence is vital to your company’s ability to keep pace with innovation, regulatory compliance, and changes in consumer demand. Our international team has built the world’s largest searchable database of import-export transactions related to your industry, with data released as soon as 24 hours after receipt. Make us your source for detailed information on the global trade flow of foods, beverages, ingredients, flavors, additives, dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals.

Uncover Market Opportunities
Find New Suppliers
Benchmark Performance

Identify, Analyze & Vet Prospective Customers, Suppliers, and Markets

Our U.S. import data captures each shipment’s importer, supplier, origin, destination, and more, while our international data captures players, quantities, volumes, and prices.

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Manage Supply Chains

Control costs, hedge against price swings and supply interruptions, and strengthen negotiating positions.

Sharpen Strategies

Feed your business models with the latest, authoritative, detailed data on US imports.

Track Competitors’ Shipments

See competitive import activity and sources, with details on shippers, cargos, quantities, dates, and logistics.

Protect your brands and Intellectual Property

Leverage global intelligence to spot irregular trade activity or supplier non-compliance and protect your intellectual property rights.

Find Out How the World’s Largest Searchable Global Trade Database Works to Give the Food and Beverage Industry In-depth Business Insight

What Our Customers Say About Descartes Datamyne’s Global Trade Data

Our customers tell us that our online global import and export trade data solutions have helped them analyze supply and demand trends for their products, identify suppliers, generate sales leads, expand into new markets, strengthen supply chain resilience, monitor competitors’ cross-border activities, and more.

Woodland Foods

Travel around the world and, you know, your passport gets thicker, you get tired in airline seats. Or you could go to Datamyne and, in 15 minutes, there’s a good month of research done.”

David Moore

Woodland Foods

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