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Trade Data for the Energy Industry

Stay ahead of the market with reports of U.S. fuel import arrivals, released before any other source.

Simplified Search and Analysis that Reveals In-depth Trade Details

The Energy Industry is being transformed as new discoveries, technologies, government policies, and geopolitics work to reshape markets for fossil and renewable fuels alike.

In markets this volatile, intelligence is vital. Descartes Datamyne’s intelligence delivers the details of actual deliveries of U.S. fuel imports before any other information source.

Uncover Market Opportunities
Find New Suppliers
Benchmark Performance

Identify, Analyze & Vet Prospective Customers and Suppliers

Feed your statistical models the latest available, authoritative, detailed data on US import flows, shipment volumes and values.

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Manage Risk

Use import‐export data to plan hedges against price swings and supply interruptions, strengthen negotiating positions, and maintain profitability.

Track Competitors’ Shipments

See which companies are importing – for example – hydrogen fuel cells, who they import from, and much more, with our detailed bill of lading data.

Spot Irregular Dealings

Monitor trade for illegal practices (such as solar module dumping) that could impact your business.

Find Out How the World’s Largest Searchable Global Trade Database Works to Give the Energy Industry In-depth Business Insight

What Our Customers Say About Descartes Datamyne’s Global Trade Data

Our customers tell us that our online global import and export trade data solutions have helped them analyze supply and demand trends for their products, identify suppliers, generate sales leads, expand into new markets, strengthen supply chain resilience, monitor competitors’ cross-border activities, and more.


Datamyne has assisted us in sharpening our perspectives of major industries’ trade flows. With a globalized supply and increasingly interlinked economies, such a view has become increasingly important.”

Juan Betancourt

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Alcoa

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