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Natalia Cabrera

As a team leader, Natalia draws on her vast experience in import/export and subscription-based data services for the trade and transport sectors. Instrumental in developing Datamyne contractual procedures and implementing rigorous quality controls, she monitors content, configuration, compliance and delivery of information to maritime and commercial clients. Natalia is fluent in English and Spanish.

“I oversee operations, service delivery, client training, and customer service. It is my mission to ensure continuity and consistent high quality among these essential elements of the customer experience.”

Matt Egan

Matt has worked with data-driven business intelligence since joining Zepol (now merged with Datamyne) in 2012. He draws on his prior experience with Expeditors International in helping maritime and commercial sector customers use trade data to find qualified leads to new business and supply chain solutions. Matt holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas.

“My years in the industry have taught me that this data can be an absolute blessing if you’re in global trade. I help customers save time and money by using the data to find the right suppliers and products.”

Emily Humeniuk

Emily joined the Datamyne team in 2021 with prior experience in SaaS sales. She works with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to leverage Datamyne’s global trade data. Emily holds an Honours BA in Business Commerce from the University of Ottawa and enjoys implementing software solutions for organizations ranging from start-ups to fortune 100 companies.

I enjoy supporting customers achieve their global trade intelligence goals; helping them gain competitive advantages and expand their business through Datamyne’s offerings.

Chris Kahan

Before joining the Datamyne team in 2007, Chris provided oversight of accounts for a Fortune 500 automotive company on local, regional and national levels. He launched Datamyne’s Los Angeles office and expanded services in the U.S. Western region and currently works with clients to provide custom data solutions, including strategic planning and defining industry- and market-specific reporting.

“I enjoy forming relationships with clients at all levels of an organization, it is the key to collaborating with them on customized solutions that add value, increase productivity, and reduce spend, so they consistently realize their ROI.”

Kristy Manning

Kristy supports business development domestically and globally. Before joining Datamyne in 2008, she held positions with Thomson Financial, Dow Jones Newswires, and Wachovia, specializing in international business development, customer relationship management and data analysis. Kristy holds a BA in International Relations and Spanish and an MA in International Relations. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

“Business development in global markets has been the focus of my career. I leverage that experience and Datamyne’s information to assist our clients in understanding their competitive trade markets.”

Mary Jo Negron

Mary Jo joined Datamyne in 2006. After earning her graduate degree in International Business and Marketing, she began acquiring her considerable expertise in customs goods classification, container shipping and logistics as an import-export pricing analyst. She is also extremely qualified as a technical trainer, software support strategist and testing administrator. Mary Jo is fluent in English and Spanish.

“My international trade experience is instrumental in satisfying customer requests for customized reports, specialized inquiries and strategic training on the use of Datamyne’s global trade database.”

Elizabeth Navajas

Elizabeth holds an MBA in International Business & Marketing. She managed sales and marketing at Fortune 500 companies before joining the Datamyne team in 2005 as a business development manager. Today she specializes in meeting the needs of government, commercial, trade office, legal, and financial services clients in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Elizabeth is fluent in English and Spanish.

 “I support global clients in their strategic business development of markets around the world, maximizing the value of their investment in trade intelligence.”

Richard Peras

Richard joined the Datamyne team in 2019 initially in an analytical role. He enjoys helping clients implement strategic trade intelligence solutions to optimize their business objectives. Richard brings international experience with him and graduated with a BBA in Business Technology and Marketing from the University of Miami and is currently working towards an MPS in Applied Intelligence from Georgetown University.

“Assisting customers make optimal use of the Datamyne solution and data is my highest priority. It’s all about helping them to be successful in a competitive business environment.”

..Paul Rafferty

Paul has been helping customers leverage trade data to their competitive advantage since 2007, starting with Zepol and, since 2015, on the Datamyne team. Working with sales, marketing and global sourcing professionals, he has a solid record of helping client companies in the industrial, mineral, and forest resources sectors to increase market share and diversify supply chains. Paul earned his BA at the University of St. Thomas.

“The most rewarding part of my job is helping customers unlock the power of competitive trade intelligence. I assist clients both in the U.S. and abroad to maximize their investment and drive new business opportunities.”

Chris Roy

Chris specializes in supporting freight forwarders, NVOCCs and customs brokers, helping them use trade data to generate leads, monitor competitors and track clients. He’s worked with sales managers, brokers and market analysts in the maritime vertical – starting with Zepol and now on the merged Datamyne team – since 2006. Chris holds a BA in Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas.

“We have the best product on the market for lead generation, competitive intelligence and market research in the maritime industry. With our global trade intelligence, companies can shorten their sales cycles and find the highest qualified prospects to drive revenue.”

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