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Leverage the power of global import and export trade data with landed cost research to help enhance your competitive edge.

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To compete successfully in today’s business world, organizations need to be able to tap into global trade data to easily identify new or alternative suppliers and buyers, optimize trade lanes, and research supply and demand trends because of competitive pressures, frequent tariff updates, and supply chain disruptions.

Our web-based solutions assist organizations in identifying new opportunities as well as enable them to perform side-by-side cost comparisons of these opportunities with the help of a landed cost tool covering up-to-date tariffs, duty rates and fees.

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Accurately Gauge Supply and Demand to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience

Descartes Datamyne helps organizations across industry sectors efficiently generate accurate and in-depth business intelligence for more effective and faster decision-making to strengthen the resilience of your supply chains in both the near and long terms.

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Global Trade Database

Global Trade Database

Find alternative suppliers and diversify your supply chain by drilling down into bills of lading and customs declaration data and search by HS code, supplier, quantity, product description, to get a range of competitive intelligence information, including company names and contact details.

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Global Trade Analytics

Global Trade Analytics

Drill down into importers and exporters databases to gauge supply and demand for commodities and products by HS and HTS code on a global scale or by country. And from there drill down to specific buyers and suppliers.

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Global Trade Data for Market Insight

International Trade Data for Market Insights

Analyze global trade datasets to uncover international trends, insights and business intelligence. Get market information including product consumption, commodities production, supply and demand trends, and trade relationships.

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sales lead generator

Sales Lead Generator

Identify new sales leads by HS code, commodity, product, location, port and volume and get prospect information including names and contact details. Also pinpoint market patterns for a given commodity, industry or competitor.

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Find Out How the World’s Largest Searchable Global Trade Database Works to Give you In-depth Business Insight

Our Global Trade Data Features and Benefits

Create a list of Suppliers

Quickly generate a list of new suppliers, including company names and contact details, to diversify sourcing options and strengthen supply chain resilience.

Generate a list of Buyers

Efficiently create a list of new buyers, including company names and contact details, to identify fresh opportunities and increase sales revenue.

Calculate Landed Cost

Assess the viability of opportunities in a multi-country, side-by-side cost comparison, covering duties, taxes, tariff treatment, cost of goods, shipping and other expenses.

Optimize Trade Lanes

Streamline the supply chain by easily identifying less congested shipping lanes and ports with faster cargo processing times.

Track Competitors’ Imports and Exports

Gain visibility into the global trade activities of competitors – who they are buying from and selling to and at what quantities and prices.

Trace Global Trade Relationships

Trace the relationship links in a supply chain, and see your competitors’ business partners and suppliers, along with pricing information.

Research Global Trade by Commodity

Develop effective supply chain strategies through research by commodity to get supply and demand trends and product consumption.

Screen for Denied Parties

Cost-effectively screen trade chain partners on an ongoing basis to help ensure that they are not any government watch list of entities we are barred from doing business with.

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Use Descartes Datamyne for International Market Research

Doing international market research can be complex and time-consuming. Find out how we can help you. Our customers choose us, because we deliver the best value in global trade intelligence.

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