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Miss Swaziland’s "Dubai"

There’s a name for re-exported, pre-owned, repurposed cars News that General Motors sold more cars in China than in the U.S. in March sent us to the data on U.S. car imports and exports. Among other searches, we looked for 2009’s top destinations for U.S. “passenger motor vehicles with…

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U.S. Export Market Sourcebook

ITA annual on FTAs, top trading partner nations available for download The International Trade Administration’s Top U.S. Export Markets, published annually since 2007, consists of two-page fact sheets on 14 current or pending free trade agreements and on 50 countries (plus the European Union) that are leading markets for U.S….

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Clock Stops on Countdown to Tariffs

Category: Markets, Trade Policy

Brazil, U.S. reach agreement in 11th-hour talks Brazil’s threat to impose stiff tariffs on a range of U.S. products and commodities as of April 7 has been withdrawn thanks to negotiations that began April 1 and concluded with an agreement announced April 6. The tariffs were to be in retaliation…

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Plastic Bag Tug of War

Category: Imports, Trade Policy

First-ever countervailing duty to be imposed on Vietnam The Department of Commerce has issued final determinations of anti-dumping duties to be imposed on plastic grocery bags made in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Polyethylene retail carrier bags — or PRCBs — have been the source of trade disputes between U.S. domestic producers…

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Plastic Bags Upstream & Down

Category: Exports

PRCBs are once and future export drivers Stepping back from the trade tug of war over the U.S. market for polyethylene retail carrier bags, overseas suppliers make a positive contribution to growth in U.S. export sales of the low density polyethylene resins from which PRCBs are made. PlasticNews reports…

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Global Bounce Back

WTO forecasts 9.5% growth in trade volumes The World Trade Organization (WTO) projects a rebound in world trade in 2010, recovering some, but by no means all, ground lost in 2009, when global trade volumes contracted 12.2% — the largest decline since World War II. If growth keeps to the…

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