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Pricey Shoes Nail Italy’s Share of US Footwear Imports

Category: Imports, Trade Data

Italy’s standing among the top-ranked countries of origin for US footwear imports rests on pricier, higher-end brand products, Datamyne’s bill-of-lading data shows. Almost all footwear bought by US consumers is imported, with China far and away the leading source – although rising labor costs there are driving production to other…

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Exporting the Brazilian Spirit, Cachaça

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Is it serendipity or part of the Plano Brasil Maior to expand markets for Brazilian products? The World Cup’s opening day is also International Cachaça Day. Cachaça is Brazil’s national (distilled) spirit. And it is indeed one of the export products promoted by the Brazilian government’s economic growth initiative, as…

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Are Tennessee Whiskey Exports Tapping out Supplies?

Category: Exports, Trade Data

Global demand is on the rise for whiskey, especially Tennessee whiskey, the fastest-growing category. Sales, foreign and domestic, are outpacing production at least 2 to 1, reports The Tennesseean – and the production process (requiring two-years of aging, at minimum) can’t be quickly ramped up. Whiskies are enjoying a…

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