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Covering trade & transport, with tips on using import-export data to advantage

CAFTA Cements US Trade Relationship

Category: Exports, Markets

Unlike the Caribbean Basin Initiative, FTA doesn’t require renewal, gives preferential access to US goods – by Bill Armbruster, blog anchor. “You hafta have CAFTA,” was a mantra in trade circles during the mid-2000s as the Bush administration negotiated the Central America Free Trade Agreement and then pushed it through…

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Pacific Alliance: Trade in Free Flow

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Barriers to trade are falling fast in the LATAM bloc based on shared market philosophy, not shared borders. The presidents of the Pacific Alliance member nations – Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru – met in Cali, Colombia today to sign an agreement that will remove tariffs on 90% of their…

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Prophylactic Compliance

Category: Imports, Trade Policy

What you need to do before importing condoms – or any other Class II medical device – to the US | by Peter Quinter, guest columnist Many of you may think of a condom as a way to avoid pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted diseases. But to a…

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Indonesia’s Blue Revolution

Category: Imports, Markets

The world’s second ranked producer of seafood goes after export market share. Indonesian seafood exporters are among the most sought company names in current searches of our US import trade data, accounting for 19 of the top 20 last month. (You can see the current top five country, product and…

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High Price of Low-Cost Apparel

Retailers face tough choices after the latest Bangladesh factory tragedy. The collapse of the New Wave Style factory near Dhaka is being compared to New York City’s Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire just over 100 years ago  – a deadly industrial disaster that roused public outrage and strengthened the political will…

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Sanchez on US-South Korea FTA: Part 3

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

In FY12, ITA’s Commercial Service network saw a 29% increase in the number of export to Korea success stories. The assistance offered exporters by the US Commercial Service, the export arm of the Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA), is the topic of this last installment in Bill Armbruster’s interview…

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Sanchez on US-South Korea FTA: Part 2

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

The administration made sure to negotiate an agreement that levels the playing field for the US automotive industry. Opportunities and risks are the focus of this second installment in Bill Armbruster’s interview of Francisco J. Sanchez, Commerce Department under secretary for international trade. Bill Armbruster: Which sectors have the best growth…

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Sanchez on US-South Korea FTA: Part 1

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

Agreement acted as bulwark for US exports in the face of low overall demand in Korea in 2012. Here’s the first installment of an interview of Francisco J. Sanchez, Commerce Department under secretary for international trade, by Datamyne blog anchor Bill Armbruster. Bill Armbruster:  What are the main benefits of the…

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