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Free Report Library

Datamyne’s US and international trade reports are available here for free downloading with our compliments. New trade reports are added each month.

Our monthly Maritime Ranking reports rank US port and ocean-going carriers by volume, while Commercial Rankings list top US import and export commodities by value. Our Tops in Trade reports identify the top players, including shippers, consignees and carriers, in the trade of a bellwether product. Quick Look reports offer benchmarks or before-and-after snapshots useful for measuring how events, policies or trends in global markets impact trade. Commercial Opportunity reports offer expert advice and analysis on business opportunities and strategies, along with current trade statistics on select markets. Finally, find reprints of data applications and analysis stories From the Datamyne Blog below.

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Market Watch

Periodic reports based on trade data on export shipments and import arrivals that track market activities of selected companies, industry sectors and products.

  • Tracking Tesla 2016 The number of Tesla electric vehicles exported each month in 2016 and their destination countries based on US bill of lading data.

Commercial sector Tops in Trade reports

Top carriers, consignees and shippers, with links to websites where available – and more, including five-year trade trends.

Commercial sector Quick Look reports

Baseline statistics or before-and-after snapshots to gauge the impact of market events.

White Papers

Expert analysis and advice on events and trends shaping global commerce.

  • Enforce and Protect Act: New Risk for Importers / New Remedy for Unfair Trade John M. Peterson, Partner, Neville Peterson LLP, surveys EAPA regulations creating new procedures for investigating suspected evasions of antidumping and countervailing duties on imported goods.
  • Paradigm Shift in Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies This white paper by Carlos Rodriguez, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP, describes how brand owners are shifting the focus of inquiries into counterfeiting to transportation intermediaries, and how trade data can be used as an investigative tool.
  • Census Trade Data Suppression Does the US Census practice of suppressing selected trade data to protect confidentiality hide commodities pricing information? By Brian J. McCormick, Chemcost Interactive
  • South Korea-US FTA One Year After Datamyne’s blog anchor Bill Armbruster discusses the impact of the KORUS FTA with Commerce Dept. Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco J. Sanchez. This report includes tips on opportunities, strategies and resources for US exporters.
  • Colombia FTA Window of Opportunity An appraisal of opportunities and obstacles for US exporters from the US senior commercial officer in Bogota, with trade statistics on Colombia’s top US imports and more.
  • Panamanian Prospects for Exporters Resources and strategies for US companies as the FTA enters into force, from the US senior commercial officer in Panama, with trade data from our import-export database.

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