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Covering trade & transport, with tips on using import-export data to advantage

Chemicals Price-Setter: South Korea

On the trail of “The New Cheap*” Chemcost finds an opportunity to save on precipitated silica | by Brian J. McCormick, guest columnist. Chemicals buyers – in whatever country they are based – can economically benefit from discontinuous price opportunities, wherever they are to be found. Last month, we examined Chinese…

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Apple Season

It’s time to watch US import data for signs that new Apple products are ready for picking. The Loop reports that Apple has sent out invitations to an event on September 10 at the company’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters. Cue the rumors that a new iPhone is about to be unveiled. Meanwhile, there…

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California and the Pacific Pumas

Category: Exports, Transport

Latin America’s Pacific Alliance trade bloc creates trade opportunities beyond the region. They are Latam’s fastest-growing economies, market-driven and sustaining an expanded middle class. The four countries of the Pacific Alliance – Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru – aim to eliminate barriers to the free flow of goods, services, and labor…

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Sizing up the Senate DHS Budget Bill

Category: Trade Policy

Border security trumps trade facilitation in proposed homeland security budget appropriations | by Peter Quinter, guest columnist. In the proposed Fiscal Year 2014 budget approved by the US Senate Appropriations Committee on July 18, 2013, “Big Government” is going to get even bigger. The US Department of Homeland Security Customs…

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Where Is “the New Cheap”*?

Chemcost embarks on a global hunt for the best prices for chemicals to be had by China, and by the US | by Brian J. McCormick, guest columnist. The Datamyne US Best Price Benchmark created each month by Chemcost, based on Datamyne trade data, provides a global context for evaluating…

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Show What You’ve Got

Category: Resources

It’s not too late for US exporters to apply for International Buyer Program B2B match-making at this Fall’s trade shows | by Bill Armbruster, blog anchor. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, trade shows and trade fairs are excellent venues for reaching potential customers and suppliers. For US exporters,…

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